Burger Queen

September 11, 2020 BFH 37

Brietbart – Burger King has launched a new advertising campaign in Finland featuring its eponymous mascot sharing a deep kiss with Ronald McDonald, along with the English slogan ‘Love Conquers [Read More]

It’s Official: Anti-Pedophilia is Right-Wing

September 11, 2020 BFH 25

Mike Cernovich- Cernovich@Cernovich· Opposing pedophilia is officially a right wing position. dkruse61@dkruse61·12hReplying to @chadfelixg and @CernovichChild and sexuality should not be put together ever Peter Andreas Fog@Drokles1·11hReplying to @chadfelixg and [Read More]

Tell the Children

September 11, 2020 BFH 10

Early in the morning, as school was just beginning, one of my students came up to me. She started telling me about something that had happened, “in a big city, [Read More]

A Name to Watch

September 10, 2020 BFH 17

From Abigail Adams- Many commenters at IOTWReport have been asking “Who is funding these radical Leftist groups like BLM and antifa?” I was reading BadBlue and came across an article [Read More]

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