ACLU Sues Mike Pence

November 23, 2015 BFH 6

usa today The lawsuit, filed Monday night, accuses Indiana Gov. Mike Pence of violating the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution by accepting refugees from other countries but not those from Syria. It comes a week after the Indiana governor and more than a dozen [Read More]

Woman’s Mansion Rented Through BnB Was Tainted

November 23, 2015 BFH 22

Some gay porn producer tricked a woman into renting her mansion so he could make his disgusting porn videos. Her house was ruined by the ordinary mechanics of gay male sex. Smoking Gun- Knapic claims that “enema kits were found throughout the house–on the floors, in the beds, [Read More]

Clockmed Suing for 15 mil

November 23, 2015 BFH 44

Breitbart The family of “Clock Boy”Ahmed Mohamed demanded a total of $15 million dollars from the City of Irving and the Irving Independent School District or else they will file a lawsuit. Lawfirm Laney and Bollinger sent the City of Irving and Irving ISD letters demanding [Read More]


November 23, 2015 BFH 20

Moron, Prince Charles, has echoed the bizarre thoughts of another moron, Bernie Sanders – Climate Change is the Cause of Syrian War. Yes, folks, Prince Charles has found the reason ISIS is spilling blood throughout the world – they are concerned over global warming. Even if a [Read More]

The Dangerous Ignorance of the Left’s View of Islam

November 23, 2015 BFH 12

The left believes the right are Neanderthal’s when they say all Muslims pose a danger to the west. The left believes Muslims can be separated into “radical extremists” and “moderates.” The left thinks moderates are Muslims like Jerry Seinfeld is a Jew. Oh, they’ll say [Read More]

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