Lost in a Fog of Good Intentions

October 30, 2015 BFH 3

Gavin McInnes attempts to define the left through the story of a SJW who raped a handicapped black man. This is great stuff. ht/ just the tip

Sorry – We’re Still Stupid

October 30, 2015 BFH 63

We’re supposed to be grown men. Today was one of those days. Pinko tried to get a discussion going in our email ring (while everyone is at work we talk back and forth.) It was something about Trump. But Irony saw an ad below the [Read More]

Did we have to use SO MUCH radiation on Japan?

October 30, 2015 BFH 12

Japan is selling handbags that look just like cats. “You can always count on finding some hard candy at the bottom of her pussy” goes the saying. There’s also a purse snatching joke in here as well. (Don’t blame me, blame Finai. She sent me [Read More]

Don’t Stop Beliebing

October 29, 2015 BFH 8

Man (Wearing Bieber Wig) Wigged Out At School and Was Arrested Oops, he did it again. (Wait, that’s Britney Spears.) Keep in mind, this is the type of guy that would shoot up a school. He will probably be released back into public instead of [Read More]


October 29, 2015 BFH 21

Yep. This sh!tstain of a company heaped on charges like – On Site Supervisor – $1250 Dangerous Condition Liability Insurance – $5000 (there were power lines “in the area” and poison ivy.) The company is being investigated. Question: At what point was the $1250 an [Read More]

Judy (Gottleib) Solash Dies – RIP

October 29, 2015 BFH 11

“Who?”, you’re asking. Well, that’s for you to figure out. No, I’m not making a game out of someone’s death. I’m not trivializing it. I’m paying homage to it. Here’s a hint: Judy stole Johnny and it made someone very upset. As always, if you [Read More]

Judy Gottleib

October 29, 2015 BFH 6

Judy’s death is sad, but the back story on the song which contained her name is a great part of Americana. Media Confidential – “My parents insisted that my grandparents had to be invited (to her 16th birthday celebration). I of course, being a bratty [Read More]

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