No DACA At All

January 5, 2018 Claudia 14

I made a comment on a post by MJA “Watch: Trump Supporters Protest DACA Amnesty Outside Feinstein’s Office“: The talk of no amnesty for DACA until the wall is built and chain migration is stopped along with immigration visa lottery, makes me nervous. How about [Read More]

Happy New Year

December 31, 2017 Claudia 22

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A Very Merry Christmas

December 24, 2017 Claudia 16

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Great Places to Eat

December 19, 2017 Claudia 66

We all have great places we know that serve the best *whatever* you’ve ever had. There have been several posts that got off track with commenters telling us where they found the best BBQ, pizza, steaks, bread, etc. ever. One of the last OT sessions [Read More]

Winter Wonderland

December 17, 2017 Claudia 15

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Is Life Fair?

December 15, 2017 Claudia 21

I have been participating in YouGov surveys for many years. It started as a fun thing to do and a way to make a little money (100,000 points gets you a $100 prepaid Visa card. Yeah, it takes some time to accumulate 100,000 points, but [Read More]

Scales and Feathers and Fur

December 10, 2017 Claudia 12

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Planned Parenthood Under Investigation

December 8, 2017 Claudia 8

Planned Parenthood under investigation by Justice Department over sale of fetal tissue Fox News – The Justice Department has launched a federal investigation into Planned Parenthood’s practices and the sale of fetal tissue. In a letter first obtained by Fox News, Justice Department Assistant Attorney [Read More]

After A Hard Day’s Work

December 3, 2017 Claudia 10

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