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Islam Can’t Be Reformed

Adunis Asbar, known as the greatest living Arabic-language poet, stated recently in an interview that Islam can’t be modernized because to do so would lose the original meaning of the religion. [Read More]

Castro’s Dead

Oldest of the Castro brothers, Ramon Castro died yesterday at age 91. Nicknamed Mongo, Ramon left the job of impoverishing Cuba to his younger brothers, Fidel and Raul. Ramon was content [Read More]

So Much For Buying Elections

The left is always screaming about the need to get big money out of politics. But has big spending really translated into success at the polls this election season? 

Sell Out

What repressive regime will Obama favor after Cuba? All the dictators in the world should be lining up to cash on the narcissistic one. Just tell him he’s wonderful, sit back [Read More]

Could Cruz Be The Next One Out?

FiveThirtyEight blog makes an interesting, but debatable, observation about Senator Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) prospects if he can’t outright win a number of the upcoming primaries.

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