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April 3, 2021 illustr8r 26

I got this form eLetter from a local hospital conglomerate April 1st. I read it and thought it was April Fool’s. It wasn’t. This is part of it- **** Effective April [Read More]


February 3, 2017 illustr8r 70

I’m going to get my haircut in West Seattle tomorrow. Same stylist I have gone to for 20 years. She has always been fairly neutral and although she voted for [Read More]

Oh, Mary.

January 18, 2017 illustr8r 22

I get great insights to what the Left is up to thanks to my Seattle friends on Facebook. This week, all of my female friends and some of their feminist [Read More]

Take A Look At Him Now

April 11, 2016 illustr8r 20

via PetaPixel— Phil Collins Reshot All His Original Album Covers for the 2016 Reissues Famed musician Phil Collins began reissuing some of his most loved albums in November of 2015 as part of [Read More]

Words To Live By

April 7, 2016 illustr8r 7

“It is 3,000 feet to the Bottom And no undertaker to meet you TAKE NO CHANCES. There is a difference Between bravery and just plain ORDINARY FOOLISHNESS.” Yosemite National Park, [Read More]

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