Sanders May Endorse Hillary After Meeting This Week

June 14, 2016 MJA 12

RL: Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said Sunday he won’t endorse Hillary Clinton for president until they meet and he measures her commitment to battling Wall Street, wealth inequality and other priorities that powered his rogue presidential campaign. “I look forward to sitting down with [Read More]

NoKo hackers steal blueprints for F-15

June 14, 2016 MJA 8

WaExaminer: North Korea stole plans for a U.S. fighter jet by hacking into more than 100 South Korean firms and government agencies over a two-year period, the South said on Monday. The intrusion resulted in the theft of 42,000 documents from 140,000 computers held by [Read More]

Thieving principal has no class

June 14, 2016 MJA 7

Principal making $100K+ steals wallet, food stamps from woman at Goodwill COLUMBUS, Ohio – A Columbus middle school teacher recently resigned, and now students and staff know why. [EAG] Nicole Edwards, who makes six figures a year as principal of Johnson Park Middle School, swiped the [Read More]

An act of ‘hate’

June 13, 2016 MJA 15

Patriot Retort: “Hate” is probably the most misused word in the English language. I used to think it was “Literally,” but I’ve literally changed my mind. Yesterday, the pandering Hillary Clinton released a Facebook statement about the terror attack in Orlando where she said: “This [Read More]

Killing Homosexuals Is Not ISIS Law, It Is Muslim Law

June 13, 2016 MJA 4

CounterJihadReport: Various reports indicate that the death toll from the jihadist attack overnight at a popular gay club in Orlando may exceed 50 people, with more than 50 others wounded. The terrorist’s identity has been reported: He is Omar Mateen, a 29-year-old American citizen and [Read More]

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