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“He is an Ass*ole! An Ass*ole!”

December 2, 2015 MJA 22

DC Whispers: Obama Just Said The Most Stunningly Idiotic Thing EVER. Now it appears some among the Climate Summit’s host-nation French media were just as outraged by Barack Obama’s glaringly ignorant [Read More]

Islamic State Memo:

December 1, 2015 MJA 8

The following songs have been approved by Islamic State. WARNING: Please keep in mind that you are not allowed to enjoy listening to these songs.

Without CO2, You’re Dead

December 1, 2015 MJA 8

…Furthermore, “we cannot effect the climate,” said Levin. There is no public policy that government can implement that will change the climate. The planet is too big, the natural order [Read More]

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