Authorities Have To Explode Suspicious Toolbox in Rio

This is going to be some Olympics.

I’m not saying this was terrorism, but ISIS may lead in “gold medals” this summer.36B34A2E00000578-3717330-image-a-2_1470005158078

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  1. This is starting to sound like we are sending sheep to a slaughter. I read earlier today that there are concerns over a nuclear device.

  2. if rebels where wanting to overthrow the government, wouldn’t they attack said government?

    if governments wanted to take away the citizens rights, wouldn’t they use terrorist tactics against the population to coerce the citizens to demand protection in the forms of losing rights?

    rebels attack governments, terrorists attack citizens.

    whose side are the terrorists on?

    then who would most likely be the supporters of terrorism against the citizens?

  3. Munich 1972 Olympics: 11 Israeli athletes were taken hostage and KILLED by Palestinian terrorists. I am searching my memory for the terrorists’ religion….

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