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Autopsy On 2016 Republican Nomination

With about 11 state primaries left, the analysis of how Donald Trump won the GOP nomination has been distributed by Bill Kristol at the Weekly Standard.


The review comes from Rich Danker who issued a memo to his group, the Lone Star Committee (an independent group that worked on behalf of Ted Cruz).

I can sum it up in a few of bullet points:

* Cruz was an unappealing stiff who never varied from his stump speech. Trump was more agile in his direct, often ad-libbed addresses to voters.

* Cruz’s strategy of winning key states while ignoring others was beat by Trump’s tactic of fighting in every one and picking up the occasional surprise win (i.e. doing better in the South East than expected).

* Political Consultants are an expensive liability against a media friendly, savvy manipulator of the press able to take advantage of every free interview on television and radio.

* Placing (1st, 2nd, or 3rd) in the first three states is critical to creating the impression in the minds of voters that a candidate is viable to ultimately win the general election in November, no matter what that candidate says, policy statement uttered or error while campaigning.

The full National Review piece Here

Commentary and implications in American Thinker Here

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  1. I would say 8 years of campaign promises and after election capitulation to Obama, Pelosi & Reed is more the reason than any campaign strategy.
    And Bill Kristol and The Weekly Standard are just as complicit as the GOPe

  2. That was a nice big cup of Eat Shit Bill written by Bill himself. He finally admits that Trump was the only one directing addressing solutions to the nightmare the UniParty has created.

    Still not a whiff of coming together to defeat Hillary. He sees irrelevance stalking him, he’ll come around. Asshole.

  3. Kristol got left at the altar by his last hope Gen Mattis. Kristol has been wrong, wrong, wrong and out of touch at every point in this election and, we now know, everything he’s espoused for years.

    The Uniparty has very limited appeal.

  4. The “best and brightest” political minds have been proven to be corruptocrats and now want to point fingers, boo f’in hoo. You want to raid the treasury and live high on the hog, now its time to answer, it’s not like we haven’t tried to tell you. We begged and pleaded for decades to stop illegal immigration and debt; and Bush 41, 42, 43 and 44 ignored us. Remember Campeon and Ramos? You sold our country and our children’s future for thirty pieces of silver MFers – WE WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU

  5. This oligarchic uniparty shit will end in tears,
    and Hillary, but mostly Hillary, and lots of tears

  6. Huh? You think Kristol is a Cruz dude? Kristol is a RINO of the greatest order. That’s why he is on the alphabet TeeVee news so often. I’m sure he hates Trump equally, but a Cruz supporter? Really? I missed all that.

  7. Who said he was a Cruz supporter-next time you have a chance to take a reading for comprehension course, do it bub.

  8. My mistake on the source, Kristol is always Weekly Standard. I spend so little time the last few months at either site because so many here dislike them both.

    I posted this because it seemed to be a fair assessment of the race from an outside perspective. Also it seems pre-mature to be calling the nomination finished, so the sarcastic use of autopsy – I’m annoyed that they are already trying to do a post mortem on the race.

    I can’t say if Cruz will be able to deny Trump a first ballot at the convention.

    If he does he needs to learn from his opponent and improve his campaign for the general. Yeah, I have no problem pointing out the errors that the Texas Senator and other GOP hopefuls made that let Trump and about a 1/3rd of those voting Republican to take us to this point.

  9. “I can’t say if Cruz will be able to deny Trump a first ballot at the convention.

    If he does he needs to learn from his opponent and improve his campaign for the general.”

    He could start by getting a personality transplant.

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