Avenatti’s Day Is Getting Worse By The Minute

Michael Avenatti Appears to Have Used PAC as Personal Slush Fund.

[…] Avenatti launched his PAC, the Fight PAC, last summer as he was contemplating a presidential run to help Democratic candidates with “the size and presence to really fight back and advocate for a position of strength as opposed to weakness.”

From the committee’s launch in late August 2018 to Dec. 31, 2018, Avenatti’s PAC hauled in $113,000 in total contributions. During this time, the Fight PAC reported $101,000 worth of operating expenditures—much of which were reimbursements for Avenatti’s jet-setting ways and stays at lavish hotels…


11 Comments on Avenatti’s Day Is Getting Worse By The Minute

  1. Gee Wally, if the PAC pulled in $133,000.00 and zero money was given to any Democratic candidates, I guess he stole the whole thing!

    No big surprise there Beave! The only real unanswered question is how many Rolexs did he add to his collection?

  2. Taking Michael Jackson’s former atty, and CNN ‘legal’ talker, Geragos down too? Going to have to dig up Cochran for help

  3. Did a SWAT team in full body armor bust his door down at 6AM?
    Then his day wasn’t bad enough, in my opinion.

  4. Sounds like he’s going to be meeting a whole new classification of porn stars. His new handle will be fluffer.😂

  5. Regarding the creepy porn lawyer you shoukd look up James Wood’s tweets, they are a delicious treat.

  6. @Pearl Clutcher – so true! It’s worth being on Twitter just to read James Woods tweets today. Hilarious.

    Example: Was that Jim Acosta? Did he switch sides now that the Democrats are going down faster than Kamala on Willie Brown?

  7. Mike’s not going to white collar resort prison. No no, he’s going to Federal pound me in the ass prison.


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