Average Citizens Are Losing Patience With the Radical Left

Antifa showed up in Olympia, Washington during daylight hours yesterday. It didn’t go well for them. Watch

This is going to get out of hand, until someone gets killed. A man in a yellow shirt can be seen pointing a pistol at antifa members, though I heard no shot and no one reacted in the video like shots were fired. (footage posted by Independent Media PDX). Here

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  1. How about NO patience for Antifa. Why would we have ANY patience for these thuggish maggots on Soros’ payroll?

    Going forward, we should have zero tolerance for the GOP: even a SUSPECTED strike, and they’re out.

    Barr and Sessions have done more damage to our nation than obama did in 8 years, because they allowed obama’s damage to be PERMANENT.

    Let that sink in: our nation is FOREVER changed because of two GOPe rats. TWO.

  2. If Biden pulls off this sham then I say “take it out on antifa first”. Full force, no more demeanor. Put then to the ground, hard. They are the Democrats Brown Shirt army and will do the same to you. Total submission is the tyrants new law.

  3. My little town. 11th and Capitol. The white building is United Churches. Local patriots discussing things with scum.

  4. Love the woman with the smoke, bet she smells like garlic and whiskey too. Where I come from that’s considered an attractive perfume.

  5. I saw the initial news of fist-a-cuffs and thought “Wow, no shots fired, yet. It’s just a matter of time.”
    And then look, shots fired.
    Expect more shots to be fired as Americans have truly lost all patience with Communists; especially as more Americans wake up to find out that YES, THIS IS TRULY ABOUT COMMUNIST OVERTHROW OF THE CONSTITUTION!!!

  6. I think the lady with the cigarette is the same lady that in another video, had a guy down on the ground and was throwing punches down on him

  7. If they’re not whaling on a 70 year old man or woman it doesn’t go quite as planned.
    Patience isn’t limitless!!!!

  8. “This is going to get out of hand, until someone gets killed.”

    That is an inevitability, but here’s the rub, if the instigator/killer is an ANTIFA puke, their “victim” status will preclude any consequences, but flip that where the aggressor was a MAGA hat wearing flag waiving patriot and the media will tag him as a white supremacist and the DA will by mob shamed into throwing the book at him.

  9. Don’t underestimate Antifa. The majority of them are bored trust fund babies but their core is well trained. There’s about 10% of them that were trained in Pakistan fighting alongside ISIS. When they figure out Trump’s getting back in we will all have a target rich environment.

  10. Jethro

    Don’t forget about the guy shot down in Portland. The cops caught up with the scumbag but that doesn’t bring the victim back.
    I’m sure there were a few more too.

  11. I’ll put money on the table and say…Some of the Pro Trump’ers own kids are there on the other side of the battle line.

  12. If you’re going to carry a flag¹ to one of these shindigs, and you end up having to use it as a weapon, I suggest not swinging and trying to hit your opponent with the flag end. Use the butt end, and don’t swing it, jab with it. If the butt end of your flag pole has a point on it, so much the better.

    1. Suggested flags:
    — American stars and stripes
    — Culpeper Minute Men
    — Gadsden
    — Come and Take It / Molon Labe
    — Betsy Ross 13-star
    — First Navy Jack (my favorite)

  13. @Uncle Al

    Exactly what I was thinking. Why use the end with an air brake on it and jabbing is much more effective.

    Sharpening it may be a little too much for the po-pos though. Shows intentional weaponry instead of just a flag.

    The day is drawing nearer that bullets will fly every time. Easily a whole crowd can be taken down when it does.

    That will lead to regular people being ambushed just going about their day, though. Guerrilla warfare at that point.

    None of this is good.


  14. I still think there is some less violent that could be done to mess with them. At least on a patriot’s part.

    Make some faded (looks old) Trump 2020 stickers that are large enough to cover a Biden/Harris sticker on some moron’s vehicle.

    Let them destroy each other.

    Do to any vehicle with a B/H sticker near the protests and demonstrations. Guaranteed bait will be taken before owner knows what’s happening.

  15. “This is going to get out of hand, until someone gets killed.”

    This reads like things will be back in hand after the first killing. We’ve already had killings, on both sides.

    This will really heat up if the 5% chance I give Trump of staying in office actually happens.

    We’ll see a nation wide shooting count that will come close to what Chicago does every single day. And the media will decide THAT is a national crisis. At least if it’s the leftists getting shot.

  16. Mongo 4:42 and Uncle Al,
    I say go with the flag pole. Appears more “innocent”. But load the pole with melted lead so it has more heft and swing, does more damage on impact. But practice with it, so it appears to be a normal hollow pole as you twirl it around.
    And I like the idea of the pointed pole. Doesn’t have to be extreme, just an inch or two to appear that’s the way it was cut off the long main pole.

  17. I have no facts, only common sense…

    If/when the Trump supporters decide to SERIOUSLY push back….there will be hell to pay.
    As of yet, there has only been a mere glimmer of what Trump supporters hold in store.

  18. Of course the communist Lame Stream Media is going to paint the Antifa thugs as “peaceful protestors” while they’ll getting their asses beat. It’s past time to start grabbing the media promoting the little commies and give them the beating they deserve as well.

  19. If our governing officials plan on defending Americans, their way too late. We are seeing the results of a BAD government that doesn’t have what it takes to protect our lives or our votes. Roll over and let them shoot you in the head, if that’s your plan for defending liberty. Do you actually believe, or is it hope, that they care if you live free or die??


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