Aw Geez, Quiz On “Old and Forgotten Words” Has Some Words I Use All the Time

Nebbish, Gobbledegook, Doozy, Epiphany, Ruckus, Fetching, Pompous, Shenanigans, Dulcet.

Are they kidding? I use these words all the time.

Dulcet, Cyanic and Flatline I knew, but I don’t use them.


PETRICHOR and BUMFUZZLE I guessed on, and I guess I guessed right.




That’s me, the introvert!

I will be using crapulent and bumfuzzle in the future.


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  1. Tried it a second time attempting to get answers wrong. Still said I was a Ph.D but didn’t give me a score. Said I was intelligent amd mature, that I guessed a lot.

    Everybody wins! Definitely a prog puzzle.

    Question everything

  2. Apparently I got them all rigt but I wont share because it is not in my personality type.
    I want to know when “flavorsome” got replaced by “flavorful”.
    I personally prefer flavorsome.

  3. Well, call me professor, too. I’m sort of an introvert as it suggests, but I’d say I’m more of an anathema. When I went to school, they taught us early the prefix,root and suffix table….all one needs to extrapolate what a word means in most cases. There was a game called balderdash several years ago, I always won for 2 reasons, an excellent vocabulary and the gift of bovine scatology.

  4. My guess is that all us “professors” are over 50. We’ve heard or read the words at some time in our lives.

    No, they are wrong. I’m not an exterior introvert, just a secret interior introvert.

    Hello there Professor!
    You got the highest score this test can possibly offer. It means you knew ALL (or at least 99.9%) of these unknown and forgotten English words.
    You have an obsession with books and words which goes perfectly with your imaginative and innovative personality. There is a 95% chance you are an introvert.
    And you definitely have a gift with words. “

  5. Me too, I have a nice photo to add an would like to change my name a little somewhat, after the Inauguration. Like to be just annie.
    Professor Status doesn’t help me here.

    annie go Trump

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