Ax-swinging madman terrorizing NYC McDonald’s is released without bail – IOTW Report

Ax-swinging madman terrorizing NYC McDonald’s is released without bail


Michael Palacios, who went into an ax-wielding rage in a New York City McDonald’s on Friday after three men attacked him, was released without bail under the city’s insane criminal-justice reforms.

The incident took place at a McDonald’s on Delancey Street just before 2:30 a.m. Palacios, 31, was repeatedly punched and smacked by three men in an altercation that involved a woman. Following that, he pulled out a hatchet and started smashing the place up, terrorizing customers.

“The ax man” was charged with fourth-degree criminal mischief, three counts of menacing, and two counts of criminal possession of a weapon. Hours later he was freed according to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

A criminal complaint noted that Palacios slammed two tables with the ax and shattered a plate-glass partition during the rampage. more

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  1. It’s a hatchet.

    One person speaks wrongly and everyone follows along?

    I blame our education system.

    A hatchet would be preferred because of easier concealment and is easier to use in close-quarters combat.

    Otherwise an AXE – not to be confused with AKS that’s misspoken by so many blacks – is more dangerous when given space to swing it.

  2. I’m surprised they didn’t execute his ass on sight for be a strait male.
    This has been all the rage on the CCW threads. Bust a cap or not. Apparently there’s a whole shit load of new carry people.
    I was firmly on his side until he pulled the ax. Middle eastern camel riding men slapping and punching at you like that. Somethings gotta be done. Considering his opponents, he didn’t need the ax. Oh well, it’s Nueve York. It’s not like it happened in America or anything.

  3. Maybe he’ll go wield an axe at the progressive D.A.’s office. Only then will we get rid of this progtard crap.

  4. It’s okay if your an ax wielding lunatic and endangering people’s lives, but if you are a law-abiding citizen who has the right to carry, god forbid we can’t have that.😳

    You people in New York City get everything you deserve, keep voting for asshats and you’ll continue to live in the same rat infested shithole it’s always been.😱

    Nothing ever changes!🥱

  5. The ‘powers-that-be’ have shown their hand many times over.

    We are on our own.

    Pack with one in the chamber, always be alert and remember; “I feared for my life”.


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