Axe Attack On Train in Germany – 20 Injured


What does that tell you when that is the first reaction after reading a headline? Is it because I’m a bigot? Or is it because I HAVEN’T BEEN IN A COMA FOR MOST OF MY ADULT LIFE?!!!??!???

Update by Sanoyo – it was a Muslim.

I put a 1,000 dollar wager in at Vegas that this was going to be a Muslim. You know what I won? 2 bucks.



More than 20 people in Germany have been injured after a man with an axe and a knife went on the rampage on a train, German media report.

They include three seriously injured people, one lightly injured person and 14 who are in shock.

A police operation is under way in Heidingsfeld, part of the city of Wurzburg in Germany.

A police spokesman at the scene said (in German) the attacker was shot dead while fleeing.

The train line between Wurzburg-Heidingsfeld and Ochsenfurt has been closed.

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  1. Because the racist Germans won’t embrace peace – duh! And the women not wearing proper Muslim dress deserve punishment for being so culturally insensitive.

  2. C’mon over here, achmed, and try that shit. Guarantee you’ll be properly ventilated before you make three swings. In fact, these days, I’m not sure you’d get one swing in…we’re kinda sensitized to dooncoons these days.

  3. Just another lone wolfenstein. No connection to islam.
    Nice going Frau Merkel. You enjoying the new, fun-Loving neighbors?

  4. Fourteen people in shock? W-T-F?
    Buncha wussies. So much for the ubermensch, the “master race”.

  5. And he was yelling ‘Allah Akbar’ during the ‘assault’. Another case where we undoubtedly will never understand his motive.

  6. Damn Melvin Yoder Stolfutz at it again.
    What? Ahmed Abdullah Aziz Goathumper Mohammed. Never mind.

    Germany has extremely tight gun control. Now their citizens are paying the price of a government that turned them into sheep and targets for every homicidal Moslem that Herr Adolph Merkel imported.

  7. I can see the fourteen in shock. They remind me of that SNL skit with Mike Meyers.

    Welcome to Sprockets. Now is the time that ve danz.

  8. Have the police apologized and bowed and scraped to the Moslem community for killing one superior to Germans?

  9. Too bad there weren’t any MEN, and especially AMERICAN MILITARY MEN, traveling on the train. They would have taken Achmed out on short order.

    Probably would have played a repeat of the movie, “Throw Mama. . . . uhhh. .. I mean. . . . Achmed. . . from the Train.”

  10. News quote:
    His motive has not yet been revealed, with police refusing to comment on whether or not it was a terrorist attack.

  11. He had an assault axe but not full auto?
    Did they just wait in line for this guy to chop them?
    Somebody take the kid’s axe away and chop him back please.
    It’s ok to fight back, trying to hide out behind a chair isn’t working out.
    Dear Germany, start finding something sharp you can carry with you at least.

  12. Wonder if he is was anything like our “17” year old refugees with a receding hairlines and pot bellies?

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