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Ayaan Hirsi Ali: No More Unvetted Muslim Immigrants

DailyWire: Following last week’s Islamic terrorist attacking in Paris and the ongoing flood of Muslim refugees and migrants into Europe, Ayaan Hirsi Ali is calling on Europe to change its immigration policies and reinforce its border security.

aayan hirsi ali cowardice

In an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, Ali warned that if political leaders in Europe follow Merkel’s example of “making a virtue of the openness of their borders,” then right-wing populist movements will continue to grow. Given the threat of Islamic extremism, Ali says that Europe must revisit its treaties, laws, and policies in order to tighten its controls of the flow of people into and throughout the continent. She called for cultural and ideological screening of those wishing to make Europe their home.  more here

7 Comments on Ayaan Hirsi Ali: No More Unvetted Muslim Immigrants

  1. Considering the scrutiny most of our ancestors endured going through Ellis Island, I resent ANYONE coming into this country with a Free Pass.

    Particularly any person whose life is bound by an ideology that unapologetically wishes great harm to innocent fellow humans.

  2. Smug liberals think they are so virtuous that their “virtue” will effect change on medieval muslims, not unlike an abused spouse who thinks she can change her abuser.

  3. Now don’t be too hasty. Maybe Hussein Oboner has hit upon the greatest cost saving measure in history. Don’t spend a ton of money sending troops and equipment to the Middle East to fight the Muzzies there. Transport them to Europe and America and fight them where the troops and equipment already are!

  4. Tell you what, Obama, I’ll be more than happy to take in 20,000 refugee Ayan Hirsi Alis.

  5. I believe we need to keep all Muslim refugees/migrants form any Muslim country out of the United States. Imagine living in such a strict environment and then being plopped down in the middle of our country with all it’s moral perversion, substance abuse, etc. the shock would be too much. I was born here and I still get shocked by many of the things that I see and hear around me. It’s the price of freedom, freedom to do good and bad things but I am thankful for my freedom here. but I guarantee no Muslim will appreciate it. and many will be shocked into becoming radicalized.

  6. I understand the context to which Ayaan Hirsi Ali is referring. But the same quotation could be used by the college snowflakes to justify their antics protesting what they fantasize is racist intolerance.

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