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Ayatollahs To Get Their Billions This Weekend

The Iran nuke deal is about to unfreeze $100 billion in assets for the Islamic Republic this weekend, assuming they can behave for a few days.



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  1. From Aug. 1942 to July 1945 we developed a nuke; from inception to detonation.

    Iran has had years (and the original science has long been done), and some very smart, American-trained, Physicists and Nuclear Engineers. And top-notch equipment from Europe and Russia.

    They already have a nuke – or more – unless they are abject morons and imbeciles – and now they get an $160 Million to develop and/or improve their delivery systems.

    Obola and Kerry are directly responsible for the results.
    Congress is complicit for doing nothing with full awareness of what’s really going on.

    When that double-flash sparks the heavens the enormity of these traitors will be known.

  2. When do we ger to visit

    Not to mention

  3. Obama & Kerry are both in the fetish box with men who like to be publicly humiliated. But it doesn’t end there. Their fetish desires endangers the world.

    When Obama was elected it appears all the leaders of civilized nations have become unwise. To say they have become ashamed to show wisdom would be to kind.

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