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AZ Gov. Hopeful Kari Lake Decimates Democrat Wannabe Liz Cheney

Blue State Conservative: Kari Lake is being hidden from the public’s eye, and for good reason. Corporate media and the establishment hacks in Washington, D.C. are terrified of what a tough-as-nails conservative governor could do in another crucial swing state, just as DeSantis turned Florida from purple to deep red. 

And she’s female to boot – not that conservatives care but her presence electrifies the woke conversation. It’s hard to be misogynist when you’re cheerleading for Arizona or voting for a female vice president.

Lake has truly been unstoppable. She has gone after Big Pharma, Big Government, Big Media, and even tackled subjects most avoid altogether such as the Epstein cover up and 2020 election narrative. She is smart, bold, and willing to speak honestly to the American public.

For that, the powers that be hate her.

Since her loser, cowardly Democrat opponent refuses to debate her, Lake has had much more time to hit the campaign trail and hold media events. At each stop, some wacko leftist journalist tries cornering her and she immediately pounces. Watch this latest nuke from Lake after a stammering journalist tried asking her about Liz Cheney. watch

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  1. Ron DeSantis & Kari Lake will be this country’s salvation.

    Kari-Ron my wayward son…
    There’ll be peace when you are done
    Lay your weary heads to rest
    Don’t you cry no more…

  2. I dunno. I know about a dozen “conservatives” from AZ who have watched her on the evening news forever. A few of them just were staying with us couple weeks ago. Here’s what they say. She was always a big lib. A big time halfrican fan. Donated money. The Tranni thing really has them bugged. Pictures of her hugging the Trani at her daughters birthday party, whom now she’s attacking, were apparently the real deal.
    But here’s the biggest thing for them. The candidate that Pence backed was the only one to address a major concern of AZ flatlanders. Water. They all will end up voting for her, but they all still feel like they’re being played.

  3. This is amazing coming from you, Brad.

    I can ABSOLUTELY find DECADES of photos, anecdotes, and stories about Donald J. Trump, A LIFELONG DEMOCRAT that are EXTREMELY problematic.
    Did I mention that Trump was a LIFELONG DEMOCRAT?


    She was in MEDIA GODDAMNIT!
    Just like Trump, you schmooze with everyone when that is your position.

  4. “This is amazing coming from you, Brad.”

    Stomp the brakes pal. I’m telling you what 12 AZ conservatives I know are saying. Me, I’m trusting Trump and his endorsements.

  5. Sorry Brad, the stakes are too high these days.
    I watch videos of Kari and she curb-stomps the media just like DeSantis.
    Plus the fact that they aren’t 70+ years old.
    We need younger fighters going forward.
    4 more years of trump would be great but we have to plan ahead.

  6. Loco, agreed. A bad plan is better than no plan. And honestly I think Trump did his homework. This might explain the questionable vote in Maricopa county.

  7. “AZ Gov. Hopeful Kari Lake Decimates Democrat Wannabe Liz Cheney”

    There’s 10% less of Liz Cheney than before? Anazing, if true…

  8. “The perfect is the enemy of the good.”
    Or some such.
    If we wait for perfection, we’re waiting on the Second Coming.
    In politics we choose the lesser of evils – ALL politicians are ego-maniacs – by definition! All politicians are performers – actors – they must be!
    And we will always be (somewhat) disappointed by some vote, or some statement, of any politician we elect – that doesn’t mean you throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  9. I used to hang out with Clintons. Went to weddings and everything.

    I learned. Perhaps Kari has too.

    That’s why I picked her.

  10. That question was a set up like a T-ball.
    (whether intentional or not, I don’t know)
    Opened the door, so to speak.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  11. In the primary, Kari’s Pence-supported, RINO opponent worked overtime to paint her as an Obama Republican. It didn’t work, Kari won. But it looks like some of the weaker-minded voters bought the narrative. Let’s hope they don’t stay home, or not vote for Kari because of “principle”. Arizona, like other states, is controlled by the blue big cities; we need every vote to overcome that block.

  12. Tim-FJB: It may have been a fake “reporter”, planted by the Kari campaign. So what? She is a media person, and knows how to use the media to her advantage. Kind of like the time when Trump called a press conference to talk about Obama’s birth certificate.

  13. If you want to people to go from woke to awake you’re going to have to realize they made a lot of decisions in the past they won’t necessarily make in the future.
    That’s what happens when you wake up. You change the way and type of decisions you make.

  14. President Trump needs to have his four years he was cheated out of,if nothing else to stabilize the country. Then Lake and DeSantis can come in and finish the job.

  15. ^^^^^^ He needs his four years to kill or at least mortally wound the DEEP STATE. It’s are only chance.

  16. Tony R,
    If the guy was a plant, OK.
    If the guy wasn’t a plant, A-OK!

    He may be a smarmy asshole who thought he’d done a “gotcha!” and it backfired.
    I don’t know Arizona politics or Arizona “news” men.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …


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