AZ: Kyrsten Sinema (D) Compared Deaths of U.S. Soldiers to Deaths From Illegal Border Crossings

WFB: Representative Kyrsten Sinema, the Democratic nominee in the Arizona Senate race, wrote a group email in 2006 in which she drew equivalence between the deaths of people trying to illegally cross the U.S. southern border to American soldiers fighting and dying in Iraq.

Additionally, when detailing her views on immigration in a profile from 2009, Sinema said, “I oppose all of them [immigration laws],” a stance that appears to differ from the policy positions she currently advertises on her campaign website.

Sinema drew the comparison between the deaths of troops to the death of someone attempting an illegal border crossing when addressing a Yahoo! group called “Local to Global Justice.”  MORE

14 Comments on AZ: Kyrsten Sinema (D) Compared Deaths of U.S. Soldiers to Deaths From Illegal Border Crossings

  1. Just how much these libturds don’t get American Patriotism. Just how much they need the illegal votes of illegal entrants into our country to undermine our sacred elections. Just how they are the definition of treason that they would sell our nation for measly personal gain.

  2. Pond scum has at least one brain cell, apparently she doesn’t. And as a veteran I’m appalled at her idiotic statement. Illegal aliens are not even close to being equivalent to members of the US military ever.

  3. This bisexual bivalve was an avowed commie/socialist and got elected in her mixed race district by running on those principles. Now that she’s on the big stage, her slogan is, “independent like Arizona.”

    McSally is exposing her past and is not letting up. (Both sides have been brutally negative.). Hence the recent polling numbers boost, along with the Kavanaugh bump and Trump’s continued favorability.

  4. She looks like Dr. Blasey Ford in that photo at Washington Free Beacon (not her Twitter profile pic), especially those glasses used to try and make her look smart.

  5. @Dee, Yes, those eyeglasses, just like Alyssa Milano as she positioned herself for the cameras during the Kavenaugh lynching.


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