AZ: McSally takes 6 point lead over leftist radical Kyrsten Sinema

Pacific Pundit: I’m not much of a fan of Martha McSally. She’s too much like Flake and McCain for my tastes. I’d still rather have her in the Senate over left wing radical Kyrsten Sinema though. With Sinema leading in basically every poll (though within the margin of error) before the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, there’s now been a big shift in Arizona. Martha McSally has opened up a six point lead on leftist radical Sinema. more here

8 Comments on AZ: McSally takes 6 point lead over leftist radical Kyrsten Sinema

  1. If the author had edited out the first two sentences it would have read like an actual article instead of another whiny fuk-stick trying to turn Arizona blue.

    Actual article?

    “McSally lead grows since winning primary.”

  2. It sucks that so many of these people are not really conservatives, but we have no choice but to vote for all of them because it’s our only hope. If they don’t all get on board people need to start waking the hell up in the primaries and getting them the hell out.

  3. Kyrsten’s Enema makes the short hairs on the back of my neck itch. I will happily vote MacSally although she was not my first choice.

  4. As we get closer to the election, the leftist polling companies reduce their practice of trying to skew the vote with suppression polling. They need to retain some credibility so they start releasing numbers that are closer to the actual data. Courtesy of Rush.

  5. If Graham, Grassley and McConnell don’t make a sharp Left and depart for RINO country after the elections, it will make all the difference for rookie Repub congressmen/women and how they vote. I’m hoping their displays of conservatism and loyalty to MAGA during the Kavanaugh adventure were so public they sense recidivism is not an option.


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