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AZ RINO’s Unwilling to Debate Kari Lake

Gateway Pundit

How embarrassing! Trump-Endorsed Arizona Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is the only AZGOP primary candidate with the spine to defend her positions on the AZGOP debate stage.

Lake showed up to the canceled debate anyway to speak to the voters.

AZGOP Executive Director Pam Kirby told The Gateway Pundit that Matt Salmon declined his invitation to the debate, and Karrin Taylor Robson did not even respond. More

8 Comments on AZ RINO’s Unwilling to Debate Kari Lake

  1. I watched her solo performance and man, she is the real deal. yeah she was a dem, your point? She couldn’t have been more emphatic about her support of DJT & MAGA. She’s in the DeSantis category.

    Big changes coming for AZ when she’s elected. She promises on Day 1 the AZ National Guard is going down to the border. Light years ahead of the crip in Texas.

    I’ve seen her in a couple gotcha interviews as well and she let’s the fake news have it with both barrels. The comparison to the sad sack of shit I’ve got as gov couldn’t be more stark.

  2. She is looking strong! She recently compared herself to two other former democrats, Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump.

  3. The RINO, Karrin Taylor Robson, is running ads here which say “Kari Lake said she’s a Lifetime Member of the NRA but she only joined last year!”

    Homeslice, anyone can purchase a Lifetime Membership to the NRA at any time. You might even get a jacket or a gun bag to go with your Lifetime Membership.

    It’s a sales tactic, idiots, but they’re counting on enough people not knowing that and being properly horrified at what a liar Kari Lake is.


  4. Joe 6er’
    I was gonna mention that too.

  5. Huh. She understands our Constitution regarding the supreme right of States to protect themselves if the Federal Government doesn’t.

  6. The democrat didn’t show up for the debate? Shades of Biden: the fix must be in.

  7. She is a good example of how Republicans should be fighting.

  8. Sent her a donation and will be sending another. 😉

    Karen is a perfect name for the Karren Taylor Robson that’s running against Kari. 😂

    Wish I could throw Kari a twenty everytime I see one of Karen’s ads it is infuriating. 😡


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