AZ Senate President Reports The Numbers Don’t Match Up In Maricopa County – IOTW Report

AZ Senate President Reports The Numbers Don’t Match Up In Maricopa County

Washington Examiner

Ballots counted in the Arizona Senate’s audit of the 2020 election differs from the tally by Maricopa County officials.

That’s what Senate President Karen Fann said in an interview on Tuesday, in which she also noted the discrepancy prompted the state Legislature to acquire new machines — “not Dominion’s, separate ones” — to recount the ballots. More

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  1. From the article, “President Joe Biden won Arizona by more than 10,000 votes out of more than 3.3 million cast across the state. His lead of roughly 2 percentage points was due partly to his advantage in Maricopa County…”

    Two percent of 3.3 million is 66,000 NOT 10,000+! His supposed lead is actually only about 0.30%!

    These assholes can’t even do simple arithmetic, and we listen to them why?

  2. .33%, and here’s the kicker. I would almost guarantee the outfit doing the audit is given an acceptable error rate. Probably in excess of 1%. So for Fan to come out and make this statement I’m thinking the numbers are BIG.

  3. The dims are calling the whole process flawed and inaccurate. I don’t know if they mean the election results or the recount.

  4. A comforting way to look at Trump being cheated out of the presidency is that Doltin’ Joe is going to take the hit for everything bad that’s happening now and for the next 3 1/2 years.

    Inflation? Check.
    Weakened military? Check.
    Covid tyranny? Check.
    Increased Murder and violence? Check.
    Continued Chinese invasion of our institutions? Check.
    Defunding police? Check.

    He’s a total idjit and deserves to join Jimmy Carter in the Weak Presidents Hall of Shame.

  5. But how long will it take to straighten it all out? The money we do not have will be in the establishment and friends pockets. Do we ask China or the Federal Reserve to forgive us?

  6. Thanks Loco, I’ll look for it a little later.

  7. Won’t happen Loco…they’re too busy monitoring the 500k chinese soldiers amassed at our borders and moving their ‘Risk’ pieces around the board…..I think it might be Col. Brad Flagg’s turn to roll the dice and Joe6pak hid one of the those in his pants….

  8. Willy, I really hate to give you any credit, but that’s kind of funny. And I’d rather have an all day dentist appointment than to have to play Risk.

  9. Hey Willy, you brain dead mutha fxcker. They’ve even reported the ChiComs on the southern border on your network, CNN. Please try and keep up. I’m not doing this again tonight so kindly fuck off.
    Joe6. you can’t give an asshole like this any type or form of encouragement. He’s sitting in a double wide trying to figure out why he’s such a loser and no one likes him. He should just go look in the mirror. I’m done being nice to this key board warrior.
    I got shit to do.

  10. Col.Brad Flagg sez..”I got shit to do.”….like invading Kamchatka after you roll double sixes…4 more dice and you can yell YAHTZE…..

  11. Brad, you should embrace this opportunity to hone your “thunderdome” skills.

    A few years back, interestingly in response to a comment I made about the Oregon Republicans doing the exact same thing the dem Texans did, beating feet out of town to stonewall the system. The general consensus here was praising these cowards, cleverly using the parliamentary process to defeat what they thought was bad legislation passed by the opposition. I took a contradictory view. One casual commenter didn’t like my comment and instead of debating like an adult he chose Ad Hominems, weak cheese to say the least. And for the next 2 weeks he brought up my name, even on threads I was not participating in, a dick move for sure. So I called him out for the little-dicked inbred mental defective that he was, unable to string 2 cogent sentences together, who’s contact with every female he ever had required payment and resulted in tears. He was not nearly as witty as Willy so he brought nothing to the table, Haven’t seen him around since.

    Look at it this way, this place needs a good dust up from time to time. We need to get more surly and combative for the ultimate fight ahead of us.

  12. “They’ve even reported the ChiComs on the southern border on your network, CNN.”…..Now that’s a reliable source….LOL….

  13. Willy. Do you find that clever? Entertaining? Is that the best you have? I have employees that depend on me. So yes, I’m busy. Who depends on you, you fucking loser. Whats the highest paid job you’ve ever held. I’m dying to know. But I’d almost bet it involved fast food you ignorant rube.

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  16. 500K chinese military are poised at our border sez Col.Brad Flagg…a country with 330 million people and all it’s militarywwith all their goodies intact in these lands….a rifle behind every blade of grass population….a navy in every ocean of the world with a whole bunch stationed close to all coasts….So, here’s the truth…there probably aren’t 10k chinese military anywhere near our borders, but for the sake of conversation let’s say there are 500k. what the hell are they gonna do? They couldn’t win an invasion of Texas….In 24 hours that supposed 500K chinese military would be decimated…..I don’t doubt you’re a patriot Brad and you shouldn’t doubt my patriotism either, yet you do….that’s you’re problem not mine……Spit out ‘Q’s pacifier and become a realist…..OK, I’m done with you…..The problem is our politicians and I try to fix that every chance I get to vote or talk to people ….

  17. Willy, there are at least 10,000, ChiCom spies in our universities, our Defence contractors, our high tech companies, and our local, state, and federal governments. They are all over us, and they are paying TRAITOROUS BASTARDS for access! You and many others need to wake up and smell the coffee!

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  20. That’s true Joe6pak, but we were talking about military troops at our gate….

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  22. Willy, then you are ignoring CCP (Chinese Military) within our gates.

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    Joe6pak….the question was about 500k chinese military at our borders…..The chi comms institutionalized in America is another discussion. One which I would have NO argument with you about….The question, once again, is….are there 500K chinese military staged just outside our borders….

    As far as Col.Brad Flagg goes, he’s got anger issues that make discussion or debate impossible….For god sake he just bragged about getting throat cancer from eating pussy. What does that say about the condition of his wife twat or maybe he just breaks his marital vows and cheats on her…Who knows?…who cares….see ya boys, I’m done…

  24. “As far as Col.Brad Flagg goes, he’s got anger issues that make discussion or debate impossible”

    Yea, that’s because when faced with the truth, he’s just another cowardly under achiever piece of shit. Let’s get it on bitch. Is that not what you’ve been after all this time? How long do you think you can keep jabbing the grizzly before he rips your head off. Here’s a clue, you’re there.

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