‘Babies Aren’t Babies Until They’re Born’: NPR Memo Instructs Staff to Dehumanize ‘Babies’


Babies are not to be referred to as “babies” until after they’re born, a missive from an NPR style chief reminds writers and on-air personalities.

Amidst the freakout last week over Alabama’s passage of a pro-life bill effectively outlawing abortion, NPR Standards & Practices editor Mark Memmott issued a “guidance reminder” instructing employees that terms like “the unborn” and “baby” are not to be used because it tips the argument in pro-life proponents’ favor.

Instead, babies inside the womb are always to be referred to as “fetuses.”

The term “unborn” implies that there is a baby inside a pregnant woman, not a fetus. Babies are not babies until they are born. They’re fetuses. Incorrectly calling a fetus a “baby” or “the unborn” is part of the strategy used by antiabortion groups to shift language/legality/public opinion. Use “unborn” only when referring to the title of the bill (and after President Bush signs it, the Unborn Victims of Violence Law). Or qualify the use of “unborn” by saying “what anti-abortion groups call the ‘unborn’ victims of violence.” The most neutral language to refer to the death of a fetus during a crime is “fetal homicide.”

Additionally, Memmott notes staff must avoid terms such as “LATE TERM ABORTION” and “abortion clinics,” which should be referred to as “medical or health clinics that perform abortions.”



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  1. Ah, yes. The magical vagina threshold. To cross its line declares personhood and you’re not a human being until you cross that finish line.

    Because Science ™!

  2. Like a “border” of sorts, no? A person isn’t a person until they cross an arbitrary line. Not worthy of consideration as a person because of location. There are those who feel that way about fly over country or Trump voters. The line will move.

  3. I’m confused about all these baby showers I need to buy gifts for.

    It’s clearly a fetus and false advertising. I demand a refund for this bait and switch scam.

    Or, since it’s not a baby, I’ll just buy them a carton of Lucky Strikes and some Crown Royal.

    Isn’t NPR one of those alphabet soup agencies Rick Perry couldn’t name that needs to be aborted?

  4. The Left knows how to use emotive language to control the conversation, and avoid using language that results in rational thought, to control the people’s thoughts and the resulting public thinking.

    Control the language, control the people.

  5. Transmogrification.

    A “clump of cells” becomes human!

    Same argument can be used on Jews, Slavs, negroes, mexicans, honkies, “criminal classes” … well … just about anybody you want to justify killing.

    Dangerous position – not just for those thus designated, but, eventually, for those making the designations.

    There WILL be a reckoning – make no mistake about that.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. If it’s the magic vagina that transforms a fetus into a baby, what happens during a c-section? Do those “babies” simply remain fetuses all their lives?

  7. My daughter is nine months pregnant with her fourth child, he was due yesterday, and there’s definitely a baby in there. All of the other grands stand next to her and talk to him. Even the children know the truth.

  8. When science figures out how to create humans without the need for women there will no longer be any need for women (unless you want a sandwich)!

  9. The new Einsatzgruppen in training. They start off with the “easy” murders of the helpless and ill and then rapidly expand to the enemies lists.
    I’m a sinner and fear his punishment but in times like these I pray for a vengeful God.

  10. I quit listening to NPR in 1985. I have no use for all the leftist bs spewed out by NPR or PBS. I have 2 unborn granddaughters on their way, one in July and the other in Sept. and there is no way in hell that they are just a clump of cells. They are children made in the image of God and will be a blessing to my family and their 2 older sisters all the days of their lives.

  11. Another in a continuing list of data points why I don’t donate to NPR or PBS.

    And to take the “magic threshold” to its absurd and illogical conclusion, are illegals humans before they cross the US/Mexico border? Can we kill them, men, women, children, without consequence if we do it while they’re south of the US border?

  12. So….

    If I murder or cause the unlawful death of a pregnant woman…..

    And her “fetus” and/or “clump of cells” dies also…..

    How many murder charges are filed….?

    I can see a lot of court appeals in our future.

  13. No humans are illegal and babies aren’t humans.

    Our border is like a magical vagina. The Statue of Liberty spreads her legs wide and births 120 trimester old American children because our nation’s immigration law is based on a poem on a monument and not the actual law.

    She’s the Octomom of immigration and the red stripes on our flag represent her stretchmarks.

    Jane! How do I stop this crazy thing?

  14. In ralph northam’s virginia, he would like ‘it’ not to be a baby until after a conversation can be had.

    It is interesting that the narrative has been construed to that in which the discussion of when a fetus becomes a baby has the discussion terming the considered ‘it.’
    + “it is a baby”
    – “it is a fetus”

    Try publicly calling someone who is in sexual transition ‘it’ and see how well that is accepted.

  15. OK, so a clump of cells that suffers a post birth abortion is a baby. So it is murder. Got it.

  16. @Bob M.

    That horrible harridan Nina Totenberg is certainly not human. She’s a Jewish Nazi.

    As her name implies, she has an oversized head. But empty of all compassion.


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