Baby boom! 16 pregnant nurses working at Arizona hospital

MESA, Ariz. (AP) — A baby boom is brewing at a suburban Arizona hospital where 16 intensive care nurses recently discovered they are all pregnant.

The nurses at Banner Desert Medical Center in Mesa outside Phoenix joked Friday they thought there was something in the water when it became clear they were all expecting babies between October and January.

Nurse Rochelle Sherman, nearly eight months along, said: “I don’t think we realized just how many of us were pregnant until we started a Facebook group.”

Nurse Jolene Garrow joked, “We all formulated this plan to have the holidays off!”

Garrow said that as their pregnancies have progressed, the patients have begun noticing that most of the nurses around them are expecting. One patient insisted on touching her belly the night before, she said.  more

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  1. Congratulations and best wishes to the expecting mothers and their new babies!

    But there’s an omission in the story, one that I see a lot of, and always irks me just a bit. The writer or editor fails to report the total number of female ICU nurses at the hospital. I’m sure that sixteen pregnant nurses is quite unusual, but I need to know the denominator of that fraction to know just HOW unusual this is.

  2. Uncle Al….bugs me too. They’ll say on the news something has gone up 40% or doubled, etc, but they never say compared to what. It is meaningless.
    I guess they don’t teach who, what, where, why and how anymore, that we learned in elementary school.

  3. FYI, news is presented on/ a very basic level to have the widest appeal. Statistical inferences are excluded.

  4. Hmmm, How many months since the election night victory? How many months after his swearing in? Inquiring minds want to know.

    I think if I were with someone I would have been celebrating with them lots of times after that wonderful evening of vindication and elation.

  5. My daughter works as a labor and delivery nurse at a very small rural hospital. There are 5 labor and delivery nurses at that hospital. All are pregnant and are expecting to deliver from October through December. (My first grand!!! Can’t wait!!!)

  6. Where is the diversity???

    Don’t these women know that white folk are evil?
    Don’t these women know that white folk are supposed to be the minority in 2040?
    Don’t these women know that human reproduction will destroy the planet?
    Don’t these women know that Planned Parenthood offers taxpayer funded reproductive services?

  7. Note to self: Banner Desert Medical Hospital is not a good place to look for temporary flings no matter what the nurses there say.

  8. I guess I better fess up

    The last week of February 2018 I was in the Banner ICU recovering from radical prostate replacement surgery. They had to take mine out 12 years ago due to prostate cancer. They also decided to put back my seminal vesicles as well

    Of course someone had to test to see if everything worked. And once the Head Nurse saw how well everything was working, all the other nurses wanted in on the action.

    What can I tell you. After that 12 year drought I was horny as hell


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