Baby Dies After Mom Rubbed ‘Heroin on Her Gums to Get Her to Sleep’


Police have said that a mother killed her baby by rubbing heroin into the child’s gums to get her to sleep.

The mother, Kimberly Nelligan, 33, from Bangor, Maine, is alleged to have applied the drug around fifteen times to her infant daughter, Jodie.

Police say Nelligan applied the drug to Jodie as it had helped getting her older two children to sleep.

Test results showed that the infant had died from the toxic effects from fetanyl, a powerful narcotic used to cut and adulterate heroin.


15 Comments on Baby Dies After Mom Rubbed ‘Heroin on Her Gums to Get Her to Sleep’

  1. Heroin, that old standby in every medicine cabinet.

    That poor baby was undoubtedly born addicted and was probably in withdrawal.

  2. It’s time to change the way the Drug War is fought. The biggest enemy is not the cartels, the smugglers, the permissive and easily bribable judges and police, its the people screaming for the drugs and their street level pushers. This war will never end until draconian measures are takes.

    If a person is picked in possession (regardless of their social standing) they immediately get sent off to a government run rehabilitation centre for 6 months. After successful completion they get released to a halfway house for siz more months and further treatment and to be slowly let back into society. If caught again they go through the process again but this time he/she is paid special attention with more courses, more one on one counseling which continues to the halfway house and will include visits to their family. The third time could include surgery on the centres of the brain that react to opiods or speed or lifetime incarceration in a special built penitentiary or they get executed.

    Drug dealers get similar rehabilitation that focus on the harm they are doing. After two unsuccessful stints they get executed without any fanfair.

    I know this sounds terrible and my tongue is only slightly in my cheek but if you look at the time since the “War on Drugs” has begun the situation has only become more grave. Billions upon billions have been thrown down this rathole with no end in sight and still more and more of the children (15 to 25) get addicted to drugs which fuels a huge crime wave. If you can’t control it and you can’t punish it and you can’t stop it they you’re going to end up talking yourself into legalizing it. Threaten the countries responsible for most of the cultivation, processing and shipping of the stuff with a total embargo and if that doesn’t work then declare war.

  3. Whoa!
    Hold on there, people!
    As a kid I remember my Mom reaching for the Paregoric for everything from teething pain to upset stomach.
    As an adult, taking Mom to the doctor, I can remember her getting her prescription filled for that Paregoric, and was surprised when the doc told his assistant what it was.
    Anhydrous Morphine
    Precursor to heroin.
    Trouble is, now most H is bumped up with Fentanyl.
    Stupid bibmo didn’t know that….

  4. Giving your child HARD DRUGS to make them sleep?

    Oh my God.

    The wicked selfish creature ought to be sterilized- in the LEAST.

  5. We sure need another Great Awakening in this country. I thought one was underway a few years ago. What happened to it?


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