Baby formula factory Abbott and FDA reach agreement to restart production – IOTW Report

Baby formula factory Abbott and FDA reach agreement to restart production

“After a thorough investigation by FDA, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Abbott, and review of all available data, there is no conclusive evidence to link Abbott’s formulas to these infant illnesses,” the company stressed.    more

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  1. Factories are complex things, ones that deal in perishable foods moreso. Hope they paid at least some of the key personnel to stick around the last 4 months or it’s gonna ba a rough start up. Machinery of this sort is like custom built race cars, you need to run them or they get cranky. Oil comes out of galleries, gaskets dry and crack, solenoids stick, long dormant drives lose their memories if not shut down correctly, and your technical people lose their speed skills IF you still have them at all. You need to retrain everyone you lost and that can be a challenge especially in QA roles with critical FDA reporting duties and precision timing/measuring requirements.

    And you’re going to need your sanitors, well enough trained to clean everything without washing anything out and familiar enough with eat-your-face-off chemicals, acids, bases, and quat disinfectants and lethal amounts of chlorine.

    True story, we had a new sanitation guy who was told to clean an electrical panel, so he opened it and sprayed the control circuits and 480 voltages therein live. They WERE pretty clean, also smoky, but neither they nor he ever worked there again.

    Hope you greased everything too. It can get cakey or run out uf it sits too long.

    And I hope your folks shut the videojets down properly and didn’t leave the ink to dry in the tubes or drip all over hell, or you won’t be starting THAT line any time soon.

    No worries, during the week or two you’re retraining folks and rehabbing dormant equipment, you are gonna need to go through your certifications and ingredients to see if either one expired, and recalibrate or dispose of as required. And your logisics in getting new raw materials, not just ingredients but the plastic inner bags and the cylinders and lids may be a problem because THOSE suppliers are going through the same start-up YOU are, and in a Biden economy where EVERYTHING takes months to get.

    And don’t forget that you need to have trucks to move this all around. Trucks that have been out doing other things to get by and may currently be under contract to someone else.

    …good luck with all that…

  2. And what has the FDA demanded that they put in the formula? Would they go so far as to demand that some sort of mRNA is introduced. I would not put it past these evil bastards.

  3. ^^^^^^Yea, they said several weeks ago the bacteria was not connected to Abbot. AND THEY’RE JUST NOW LETTING THEM RESTART PRODUCTION? What the actual fuck is going on here?

  4. Have you seen what goes into American baby formula? Safflower Oil, Soy Oil, Coconut Oil, Corn Syrup and a whole friggin chemistry set. But the US bans the sale of European (mostly) organic baby formula because the European labelling doesn’t conform with US labelling requirements. Go figure. And go get (or make) something better for your baby. Corn syrup is a huge contributing factor in child obesity.

  5. ^ And American commercial “baby food” ain’t too good, historically, either. My son and daughter-in-law made their own from organically grown produce and protein sources.

    We fed our kids fish at 6 months while they were still breast feeding. 🙂 Brain food.

  6. Gosh, that’s mighty white of the FDA to let them start up the factory the FDA closed earlier over bullshit.


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