Baby It’s Cold Outside

This was originally posted October of 2016, but it just seems so apropos now. Watch

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  1. Today is my 65th birthday. I am blessed to have my 93 year old Mother. We get together on birthdays and I wanted carry out from a wonderful local Mexican Restaurant. We had a good time feeding our faces. We were talking about this song and it triggered, normally passive, Mom. She said she’s glad she’s on her way out. So tired listening to the crap. It kind of took me aback. Good for you and NO. This is the Greatest Generation dwindling. Not too many left and so much wisdom gone with them.

  2. @Ramana, yes the greatest generation is dwindling. Adnd my best to your mother. But let me help you by telling you about my family:
    1. My oldest daughter went off to a school in Boston this year.
    2. She travels 40 minutes every Sunday to go to a proper church.
    3. She calls home 4-5 times a week.

  3. If Hillary’s in the room, it’s cold inside too. Bleck! 😝. She’s so repulsive. This song, and our president, are way too good for her.
    Maybe it’d work better with Comey.


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