Babylon Bee Reimagines John Lennon’s “Imagine”

It’s been nearly 50 years since former Beatle John Lennon penned his classic ode to utopianism “imagine” (released September 1971). The classic has been a standard for lefties ever since, but is it an honest description of what such a “perfect society” would be like in such an imperfect world?

The Babylon Bee takes a crack at updating the lyrics to better reflect the realities of communism, the closes man has gotten to achieving his utopian dream. Here

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  1. Imagine living in a city with streets of gold and buildings of pearl with diamond windows and fountains flowing with fine wine. Imagine little whirlwinds that form under your ass and sweep you anywhere you want to go. Imagine… wait, I’ll be right back, my wife wants me to take out the trash.

  2. Didn’t John come to the US to avoid paying the higher taxes in England?
    Guess he did not like having his wealth going to support utopian programs.

  3. Everybody according to their needs

    Everybody according to their ability

    This is the code of the perfection
    utopian vision otherwise called


    It sounds great especially if you are
    out of your gourd on drugs

    The truth is that it is faulty in its
    fundamental premise.

    Human beings are NOT a fungible commodity.

    Human beings have G-D given individuality.

    Human beings can NEVER be herded around
    like cattle in a stockyard

    And told what they must always accept as
    truth and never question

    Humans are not programmed like bees or ants
    or any other life form

    G-D made us the way we are
    and Socialists / Communists
    must accept that

    No matter what the dictatorial gov’t
    they have ALL failed in their attempts
    to change human nature

    Only the USA has succeeded in the long term
    because it has accepted human nature


  4. “You may say I’m a commie
    But I’m not the only one
    And someday you will join us
    Or we’ll shoot you in the face bun”

    It needed to rhyme there.

  5. As BFH pointed out a Year or so ago…This Dude was just shy

    of being a Billionaire when this Song came out…Too cheap to

    buy a Bodyguard….

  6. John Lennon was an absolutely mean crapweasel that distained himself & society in general … a shame that he finally started accept himself & his faults, & those of others just about the time he was murdered

    that is the tragedy of Lennon … unrealized true peace within himself

    but, he put together the greatest combo of his day to play & create music some of the best music in their time, & was a master at turning a phrase & crafting superb lyrics for the musical tastes of those times … & we are still listening to & enjoying what he created today


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