Babylonian Kudurru Sent Home

An unidentified individual tried to claim that a black stone covered in cuneiform carvings was a “home decoration” worth about 300 (currency unspecified) when going through Customs at Heathrow Airport. Suspecting the item was something more significant, customs officials seized the artifact and called the British Museum.

Turns out it’s a Babylonian Kudurru (pronounced Coo-doer-rue) or boundary stone, one of only 200 known in existence. This particular stone refers to Nebuchadnezzar I, who ruled from 1126–1103 BC. Though damaged the artifact has no museum marking and has never been studied by scholars.

If you want to see this particular ancient relic you’ll have to travel to Iraq, since the British returned the ancient relic where it will be  proudly displayed in the refurbished and reopened Iraq Museum in Baghdad. More




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  1. I advised Nebuchadnezzar I on the placing of those stones.
    Me and Helen Thomas has traveled there doing interviews, and stuff, for the local TV stations and Nebuchadnezzar I immediately noticed my extreme good looks and savvy ways … not to mention the genius that just shines out of me like a beacon!

    Yep, yep, yep … fun times … fun times.

  2. “…proudly displayed in the refurbished and reopened Iraq Museum in Baghdad…”

    …Muzzies really need to work this thing about whether or not they want to destroy history out or not. This was about a local boy, true, but he wasn’t Muzz since they didn’t exist then.

    On the other hand, he WAS mean to Jewish people, so maybe that makes him an honorary member of Murderous Pedophiles International, or Islam for short…

  3. IIRC, during the chaos of the Iraq war, the native Iraqis were stealing tons of artifacts from their own museums and selling them on the black market. Their history means nothing to them, except for what they can get for it.

  4. …you mean like THIS, @Loretta in Indiana?

    “The looting of antiquities from the Iraq National Museum was not a good example of America’s failure to protect Iraq’s heritage. Dug in on the museum’s grounds were squadrons of paramilitary fedayeen—not a part of Iraq’s heritage that needed preserving. And do you shoot looters? A man running down the street with a 200-pound head of Nebuchadnezzar in his arms can’t hurt you. If you shoot someone who’s got a Winged Lion of Assyria, he’ll turn out to be a museum curator taking it home for safekeeping—or it will be a plastic Winged Lion of Assyria lawn ornament.”

  5. “Kill them all: God knows his own.”
    (dead white dude)

    izlam will destroy anything (and everything) that existed prior to the mythical Mohamhead. Nebuchadnezzar pre-dated Mohamhead by 1700 years – so, he’s got to go – along with all his stuff.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Super nightshade — the only thing wrong in that statement from The Atlantic is that they think that it was the US’s job to protect Iraq’s heritage. That was NOT our job … if the Iraqis had any regard for their own history, they would not be looting their own stuff.


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