Baby’s Batterer Will Not Be Prosecuted Because Of Asinine Oregon Law


An Oregon couple went out on a date back in March and left their 1-year-old son home with a babysitter.

They returned later that evening to find the child screaming as the sitter slept on the couch. When they awoke the next morning, they were horrified to discover bruises all over their son’s face and body.

Medical professionals and law enforcement later confirmed that the child had been abused.

But even after the the babysitter confessed to hitting the baby, no arrests were made.

According to the Oregonian, Jacob’s parents learned Friday the case would not be prosecuted, despite photo documentation of the abuse, thanks to a 2012 Oregon Court of Appeals ruling that prosecutors say made it more difficult to file charges in abuse cases with victims who are unable to speak.



The father makes an obvious point.  He said, “a dead body cant tell you who killed them. Yet a baby isn’t held to the same standard because he cant talk???? Well neither can a dead body.”

Indeed. But, remember, this is the state that has removed dissent from global warming, “settled” science. It’s not run by people who are all that bright.


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  1. Fuck that. Handle it yourself. Some day the babysitter will suffer a violent accident. Shit happens.

  2. Not an “accident” of the law.
    There’s some underlying motive that isn’t being expressed.

    Considering that this is Oregon, it’s assumable that the law will be extended to cases of pederasty, pedophilia, rape, and sodomy of infants and toddlers.

    The reign of Satan has begun in the environs of socialism and is spreading throughout the world. Silence is consent.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Well, if the parents can’t take it through the legal court system to prosecute, take it though the “court of public opinion”. Spread the word, far and wide. Print flyers and post them. Let the neighborhood know what this bio-tch did. Make social media your ally. Make is event so well known, that no one will hire this person to babysit, ever again.
    “Public shaming” may be a thing of the past, but anyone who hires this babysitter from now on can’t say that they weren’t warned, that they didn’t know.

  4. My heart breaks just looking at the photos. I’m not normally a violent person, but if the babysitter isn’t arrested, I would not rest until my fist met the babysitter’s mouth with great force and a few teeth fell out.

  5. Here in Oregon your vote doesn’t count if you don’t know what’s best for the little people.
    Seeing this pisses me off beyond believe .

  6. Rip her tongue out.
    Put a straw in her mouth and sew the rest of it shut.
    Beat the crap out of her.
    Send her to same Prosecutor for her justice.

  7. So you can beat someone until they are so brain damaged they can’t speak, and as long as they don’t die, you’re safe from prosecution.

    Looks like violent crime just found a new hometown.

  8. Holy shit. I’m trying not to get so upset that U cry, but I’m failing. Miserably. That baby abusing little bitch is gonna get it someday, I guarantee it. People like that end up in a ditch. Thank God. I hope that the parents protect that baby boy much better in the future, I hope the little dear isn’t scarred for life. :'(

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