Back in the Day, Trump Not Going For the Ali G Routine At All

Back in 2006 Donald Trump handled Ali G better than most. He wasn’t fooled for a second, making Ali G look like the idiot.

Sasha “Ali G” Cohen has a new show that is taking aim at Trump after all these years. It’s called Who Is America?

It will flop.

They say he already “stung” Sarah Palin, Trent Lott, David Petraeus and Dick Cheney. I doubt he’ll sting our president.

14 Comments on Back in the Day, Trump Not Going For the Ali G Routine At All

  1. Cohen looks and sounds like a bad case of cultural appropriation and stereotyping. Not woke. Not even a little.

  2. He’s been at it for years and maybe someday he might stumble onto being funny, but the odds are against him.

    What was hilarious was the way Trump blew him off and walked away.

  3. I’m just surprised Trump gave him that much time! Cohen’s got “Asshole” written all over him! Ya need a body glove to keep him from oozing all over you!

  4. A has-been pranking has-beens. So 2008, so 2000 late. Sorry, Sarah, Dick, Trent and everybody, but you can’t deny.

  5. He just comes off as a punk wasting important people’s time. Not funny at all. Kinda like the guy with a thick accent that calls every month telling me he works for Microsoft and my computer has a virus.

  6. Nothing he’s ever done has been funny.
    Controversial, yes. Funny, no.
    This new thing will be a failure as well.

  7. Cohen has made me laugh to tears on more than one occasion. I could have done without the nude wrestling scene in Borat, however.


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