Back the Blue rallies being held in different counties around the United States

JustTheNews: In the midst of all the Black Lives Matter protests, there are other protests occurring around America in support of law enforcement officers. Small groups of protesters in different counties around the U.S. are holding rallies to show appreciation to local police officers who work in their communities. 

Examples of counties participating in these rallies include Las Cruces, New Mexico, Spotsylvania, Virginia, Martin County, Florida, and Grass Valley, California. The rallies in different counties have varied in terms of turnout, with Grass Valley having about a dozen people protesting and Las Cruces having around several dozen people.

The protesters in Grass Valley, California objected to recent calls to defund the police.  MORE HERE

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  1. Bad_Brad – Maybe it’s jurisdictional. Many sheriff’s departments have refused to carry out anti-2nd orders. If we go full Kurt Schlichter I trust that we will have many LEOs on our side.

  2. My county sheriff is massively pro 2A. Does the CCW training. All the people on the security team in my church trained under him. I ordered one of these flag decals for my Jeep just a few days ago.

  3. I have followed Chris Rocks excellent video on how not to get your ass kicked by the police, even decades before it was created…I have had only nine encounters with police in my life and all but one went very badly. Still, I back them because the alternatives are worse. One change however that I would support is the process that Rayshard Brooks and about 50% of those stopped in the now dropped show COPS experienced. The inevitable ending is always jail and the process must be a national exercise that some major consultant devised three decades ago. It goes like this…Stop doomed miscreant, ask professionally for ID, go back to car and run computer check A) No warrants . B) Warrants…makes no difference, go back to miscreant and note smell of a substance, ask target if using it, ignore a yes or no answer and ask the prey to get out of vehicle and empty pockets and get it to perjure self by asking if there are any knives, needles etc…dump items on car and ask miscreant to take balance test or blow into meter…ignore results and proceed to ask if you can open trunk and check car, ignore answer and do both. Find Trump hat or worse, unexplained body, call in back up for either. Tell miscreant that you just want it to be truthful and everything will be ok but do not lie. Miscreant tells truth and is handcuffed and his job lost, kids removed, car impounded for $90 per day, put on Social Media as criminal, goes before judge who doubles fines if ”not guilty’ words are heard. The other complaint is Miscreant makes $20,000 per year, gets stopped, ticketed for tail light failure or speeding at 36 in a 30 at night…ticket is $220.00 which results in 8 days of starvation for family, or economic collapse resulting in loss of home, starvation, ragged clothes so cannot get a job etc…Rayshard Brooks deserved to die but not until 30 minutes of the game passed where he made suggestions that were not heard , understood that the game was on but then made the fatal mistakes…

  4. I back the Blue…and I’ve been Arrested over 30 times in My Life…And I

    deserved all of them…I’ve been let go 500 times…and I only deserved 400 of

    them….I blame alcohol and the Ninja 750 Kawasaki….One time I was

    handcuffed, and leaning against My front Bumper while the Cops were searching

    My Truck…and it rolled away with the Cops chasing it(on a Hill, Cop bumped

    the Shift Stick)They didn’t let Me go that Night…Fuggin Towing Fees are worse

    than Jail!!

  5. @me again:
    While I don’t agree with you 100% I think you make some excellent points. Having ‘probable cause’ laws on the books essentially negates due process. I’ve seen people on ‘Cops’ or ‘Live PD’ get busted via PC and was glad they were able to be taken off the street. However, so many of these people wind up paying a huge price for a relatively minor offense. Change the probable cause laws and you change policing procedures.

  6. I live in a little town in GA. The cops and deputies are great. Just don’t do stupid.

  7. Reading this thread makes me feel like my life has been a miserable failure. What have I done that prevented me the opportunity of being incarcerated?

    I suck at life because I obey the law. Or more accurately, I only break one law at a time.

    And, of course, white privilege. I was born with a Get Out of Jail Free card.

  8. I support law enforcement (except dirty, crooked, tyrant cops) but that flag defiles the US flag and I don’t like it one bit.

  9. The one time in later life I got pulled over I simply told the truth. Jackson Brown came on the radiooo and I was diggin’ my beamer top down and fancy-free – until I saw the speed trap…

    He said he appreciated my candor and let me go. (Could’ve been a big one…)

  10. Driving 6 kids to school one morning with a belted but unbuttoned trench coat over a frilly nightgown. The smallest kids were on the laps of the older kids. (This was before seatbelts were law.) My toddler was wedged in somehow.

    When getting on the 4 lane highway from my side street, you have to gun it to cross traffic. I did, but didn’t slow down once secure in my lane. Got pulled over. No ticket. Nice smiling LEO. On the same force as my BiL. When he left, I looked down and noticed my nightgown was plumed out bigly from my wrapped around me coat. I suggest this method for when you get pulled over. I can only imagine the fun comments that flew at the station.

  11. Small town cops are mostly good guys.

    Big city cops throw us in jail for going to church and let the rioters burn down buildings. Screw them. I don’t back them.

  12. Been to jail 4 times. Deserved every one. On the last one I was so polite the trooper let me ride in the front seat, no cuffs.


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