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American Thinker:

How about a Nasal Wash to Treat COVID?

By Keith R. Jackson, M.D.

As with most viral respiratory illnesses, the primary entry point into the human body is through the nose.  Once in the nasal passages, viruses propagate exponentially on nasal mucous membranes.  With COVID-19, this rapid growth is especially prolific, leading researchers to seek means to decrease the nasal mucosal viral load.  A recent podcast (1) between Joe Rogan and Dr. McCullough that “went viral” mentions this research and makes some recommendations for nasal lavage — saltwater and antiseptic options to rinse out the nasal passages.  This simple, cheap, and available hygienic maneuver should be added to our therapeutic armamentarium, along with antiseptic gargles.

Probably the most transparently wrong choice that our federal government/CDC/Dr. Fauci/mainstream media made during the past two years has been the desire to shut off, and even demonize, discussions about therapeutic options to treat COVID-19.  They did this so we would focus instead on the vaccine as the end-all and be-all “cure.”  Unfortunately, because COVID-19 is much like other respiratory viruses, mutating too frequently for vaccines to catch up, and because the mRNA “shortcut-to-cure” spike protein-centric vaccine is tremendously less effective than naturally acquired immunity (2), it is past time to focus on therapeutic measures.  (Then again, herd immunity from the less deadly omicron variant might make this article moot.). MORE

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  1. Interesting thread! I started doing nasal rinses when I was sick back in August.
    I do it daily, sometimes twice a day. I recently purchased some Povidone Iodine and have been doing that daily, as a gargle as well. There are a lot of doctors posting videos about it. (it burns like heck at first, be sure to watch some videos on how to use it)

  2. clean your ears/nose & gargle with peroxide
    if you’re all stuffed up, you will be able to breathe again

    also, take zinc supplements when necessary to help the ole immune system fight

  3. I use saline solution every night before I go to bed because I always seem to get a stuffy head at night. If I am going out or am going to be around more people than just myself I’ll swab my nose with Nozin. So far so good, knock wood and all of that.

    (I used a NetiPot once and it was just too weird and I didn’t want to get a brain amoeba. LOL)

  4. When it’s cold outside (like it’s been), my nose runs. I like to leave a little drop on the end of my nose as I walk into stores for people to see. Then, I start sniffing. Then I wipe it off. Then I smile.

    Old guys can do this and get away with it. Any Karen’s present (rare) are shocked but speechless. But fellow old people just smile back.


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