Back To Rosenstein…

CTH: The media were going bananas this morning with proclamations of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on the cusp of being fired and headed to the White House.

Firing is not how leverage works.

According to both President Trump (via tweet), and DAG Rod Rosenstein (via statement), the President and Deputy AG had a meeting last week to discuss the declassification directive.  Within that meeting it is almost certain that part of the conversation circled around Rosenstein being unable to fulfill his responsibilities at the DOJ if the substance of the information underneath the declassification directive was released.

Understanding the institutional corruption hidden by the DOJ and FBI classification and redaction, it is predictable that Rosenstein would become the target for Trump media allies and supporters when the circumstances, evidence and details surrounding the soft-coup attempt are exposed.

Whether the Deputy AG  participated/facilitated the soft-coup attempt directly, indirectly, or through willful blindness, there’s no way that Rosenstein could stay on.   So within that conversation last week, it is almost certain the DAG advanced his resignation *IF* the declassification directive went forward and exposed the usurping details.

John Kelly, who just met with Rod Rosenstein, told associates this morning that Rosenstein offered his resignation last week.

The decision by President Trump not to declassify the information did two things: (1) it gave the President leverage over Rosenstein and by extension over Mueller. After all, the construct of the special counsel was built upon DOJ/FBI intentional lies and FISA fraud. (2) the decision places a heavy burden upon the Inspector General to be brutally honest with his FISA report. If the IG is not brutally honest, Trump releases the declassified information and the IG is shown as participating in a cover-up.

All of this leverage makes the position of DAG Rod Rosenstein tenuous.  Keep reading

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  1. From a Few Good Men: You know nothing about the law. You’re a used-car salesman. You’re an ambulance chaser with a rank. You’re nothing. Live with that.

  2. Question
    Can you name the progressive Preesidtent who promoted Rod 12 years ago?

    Hint 10/16 he and his father, their wives and kids all told us to vote Clinton in Nov!

    Hint 2
    At Johnny’s funereal he spent 50% of hi eulogy blasting the current President!

  3. The deep state better do a quick study on how to play for keeps.
    They are about to meet a Curly He-wolf from up over the Mountain
    Mr. Trump lives by the fued

  4. I kind of can’t take too much Mark Levin but he did make sense with his Friday podcast.
    He thinks the NYTimes story was a plant by McCabe to deflect heat from McCabe onto Rosenstein.
    The NYTimes hoped to goad President Trump to fire Rosenstein, giving the liberal media a screaming headline about obstruction – right before mid-term elections. Luckily, Mr. Trump didn’t take the bait.

  5. I listen to Levin almost daily, but he would be an insufferable dinner guest. There were times when he was on his Ted Cruz butthurt that I just disengaged from him for weeks.

  6. History is a ‘bitch’. Once again changing definitions with other words. Now it’s the ‘deep state’, than was a ‘shadow government’. Trump was, is a business man unlike career pocket lining politicians. He knew going in what their game was, and that’s why they hate him. J Edger Hover held the dirt over the politicians for decades only to ensure his paycheck and control of them. Decades old truth never being non-redacted is now coming to light. After a couple of the past years devisive family get-togethers realizing that the intent of the 2 party (same party system) is nothing more than that. Good to start to see more open minded (originally defined as Liberal) truth taking hold. Even though worry history will repeat itself and an assassination will ensure the greedy need for the supposed ‘Representatives under oath’ that we elect to represent us. I have more faith in a Mattel ‘See’ N Say’ toy than what we we are offered to vote with. Trump is too smart to take the bait, he had their number going in. History is a ‘bitch’, real history that is.

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