Bacteria Found That Can Break Down Polyurathane

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In a study published Thursday in the journal Frontiers in Microbiology, researchers reveal they have found a strain of bacteria capable of degrading some of the chemical building blocks of polyurethane.

“The bacteria can use these compounds as a sole source of carbon, nitrogen and energy,” said Dr. Hermann J. Heipieper, a senior scientist at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research-UFZ in Leipzig, Germany, and co-author of the new paper. “This finding represents an important step in being able to reuse hard-to-recycle PU products.” More

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  1. That’s nothing! The Chinese have a bacteria that can break down the economy of whole nations.

  2. Plastics are essential and anything that can help re-cycle or decompose them is a plus for us and a kick in the sack for the environmentalnazis

  3. Same as findings about bacteria that can use oil as food. Massive clean-up by man, and limiting innovation can’t compare to God’s beautiful creation taking care of itself as brilliant men of science work to fulfill God’s awesome plans.

  4. One of the best things about plastic is its longevity and ability to be recycled. It will last for about ever. And it can be recycled. Grades of plastic need to be standardized and reduced in number, and recycled. It can be formed, injection molded or printed in garage based workshops. It would be revolutionary. That is why they don’t want to do that. In Italy, just 2 weeks ago, there was a shortage of $1000 valves for respirators. They were independently printed for less than $1 each by a small startup. Unfortunately they did not have patent rights, nor access to drawings for the valves, so they 3D scanned them, then printed. They are indistinguishable. But they can’t provide them for legal reasons.
    I do think that this type of plastic recycling could start another industrial revolution.

  5. Different Tim for the win!

    Just don’t outsource production of this technology to the Chicoms. Who knows how they will use it.

  6. Why does the scene from “Raiders of the Lost Ark” where they opened the ark, and the NAZI melted come to mind?

  7. @Different Tim – True that!
    The Chinks have screwed their economy too, but the big difference is that Communists don’t care how many people they lose in the process! People there are a commodity and their Communism is still Communism even without the Capitalism to support it.

  8. I had a piece of furniture that I was trying to refinish, but the damn polyurathane finish resisted everything: sanding, chemicals, michelle obama photos, etc. I gave up.

    Maybe now there’s hope.

  9. We tinker with quite a few bacterial DNA sequences to do different jobs. E.Coli is one of the main players in this.

    We just better hope that an error in translation here doesn’t generate a bacteria that lives on and consumes copper. It could happen. And that would be the return of the dark ages.


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