Bad Art, Made Worse

There must be a Facebook group for everything. I say that in the knowledge that there are people out there dedicated to bad paintings and posting themselves recreating these awful pictures. Here

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  1. Well if that shit were on Instagram someone would have fixed it by shopping an AR on a sling on the guy.

  2. I am probably a Philistine but that sure as hell doesn’t look like art to me. Art is supposed to be in the eye of the beholder but there is nothing there to behold but crap.

  3. Now this is the kind of Quality Content I like to see on the interwebs. (Also funny cat pics.)

  4. Or nausea, I’d bet if you randomly barfed on a canvas Jackson Pollock style that it would look better. And you could call the resultant work of art How to toss your cookies or Upchuck mania. Or RALPH was here!

  5. Paul Joseph Watson has done several videos on modern art and rips them to shreds. Just more attacks on decent society. And the people promoting it are just plain morons. Remember the banana taped to a wall got how much?

  6. Anonymous- I once had to leave museum of modern art in LA because I was furious at the labels by the ‘art’. They bragged how much money they got to produce it. I made a rude comment about that, then I walked out and went to the natural science museum. lol

  7. Those are awfully… awful!
    Idle hands are indeed the devil’s workshop. Get these people back to work!

  8. Oh come on…. a couple of them made me laugh out loud….. The original “art” sux, but some of the recreations are brilliant.

  9. LOL! Very funny! Some are a bit creepy, but it still takes some great imagination to create that wacky “artistic” menagerie.


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