Bad Kitty! Your Cat Contributes To Climate Change

DC: Earlier this month, The New York Times featured an article titled “Hockey in the Desert.” The article concluded that by building a hockey stadium in Las Vegas, the National Hockey League was contributing to climate change. The phrase “contributing to” is used over and over by political leaders and the media to voice concern about human-caused global warming, but “contributing to climate change” is a meaningless phrase.

In his address at Georgetown University in June of 2013, President Barack Obama stated, “…the planet is warming, and human activity is contributing to it.” In 2011, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said, “…climate change is occurring and that humans play a contributing role…” In Congressional confirmation hearings, Energy Secretary Rick Perry affirmed that man-made activity was contributing to climate change.

Every human activity contributes to climate change. If you have a housecat, it “contributes to” climate change. As we burn sugars in our body, we produce carbon dioxide (CO2). Every time you exhale, you breathe out 100 times the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. The real question is “What is the size of human contribution compared to natural factors?”  more here


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  1. Dear Progsoc,

    Please forgive me and my mom’s cat for breathing.

    Now go back to your shrink and get some new medications.


  2. Gee, no wonder my lil baby kitty sniffs so loudly, HE’S EMITTING greenhouse gases! :0

    And here I thought it was just because he’s so curious and likes to smell things closely for inspection…

  3. Dear climate change alarmists:

    If you want me to sign on to your hysteria, you must (1) quantify how much human activity contributes to climate change, (2) tell me what our current climate change is, (3) tell my why our current climate change is bad for humans (4) tell me exactly how you propose to lessen human contribution to climate change, (5) tell me what the human toll in deaths and relocations will be if we implement your solutions, (6) tell me how much your proposals will fix climate change, (7) tell me how much it will cost to implement your solutions, and (8) tell me exactly who is going to pay for these proposals. I have many other questions, but these will do for a start.

    Now for the tough part: you have to answer these questions in plain English – scientific mumbo jumbo won’t work. Be specific – I don’t want to hear tomorrow that it will cost $1 trillion dollars only to be told in 12 months it will cost $100 trillion dollars. You don’t have to show your work, but you do have to cite your sources and data.

    As you can tell, I am a skeptic. This is because the climate change drum is being beaten by politicians and television talking heads, and I trust neither. I am also a skeptic because none of the above questions have been answered – if they have, you sure don’t publicize the answers. You claim this is the most important issue in the history of the world, yet you do a piss poor job of selling your position. (Hint: screeching and preaching at people isn’t very effective). Finally, you all have a demonstrably poor track record of predicting the amount or effects of climate change, and in fact your weather prediction skills aren’t very precise either – so unless the East Coast is under 10 feet of water (per Al Gore’s claims), I’m calling bullshit on your ability to predict the climate 50 years from now.

  4. Slinky says “good on me”

    Yesterday she set off so many fireworks a million tires at the junkyard caught fire. She’s been purring ever since.

  5. Funny how nobody is keeping count on how much greenhouse gasses are being released every day by that Hawaiian volcano and comparing them to Humans per year

  6. It’s time for these people to heal the climate change, gaia, mother earth and all that crap. In the spirit of ‘jump to resist Trump’, I urge all those concerned about the destruction of the planet to find the nearest non-ecologically sound tall building and jump from the top. Kill yourself and remove your enormous carbon mouth and ass print.

  7. @Eugenia July 5, 2018 at 7:03 pm

    “Jump for Trump” is a great idea. We should convince them that the best way to defeat Trump is to commit suicide, and leaving notes blaming him. It would create the mother of all suicide frenzies. It would be a great new trend to follow, especially for the celebrities. Their agents would advise: Wanna keep in the public eye??? Kill yourself.

  8. The Earth contributes to “climate change” and in much more dramatic ways than does mankind. The Earth has gotta’ go!

  9. My cat doesn’t contribute to globull warming. Unless getting into my face first thing in the morning and licking my face, and rubbing up against me to wake me up somehow contributes to it. however my dogs farts are nearly lethal at times. I’ve never heard my cat fart, that’s a dog thing.

  10. You want a planet with NO climate change …. then just go to a DEAD planet…. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus…. to name just a few in our solar system. NO life forms, no climate changes due to that life and its interactions with the atmosphere. The universe is filled with lots of DEAD planets.

    These libs want No climate change — Moronics! They should be careful of what they wish for.

  11. I just confronted my cat, walking in from the back forty as I’m searing some steaks. I asked her point blank, why are you contributing to global warming instead of out killing rattlesnakes like I hired you to do. She looked me dead in the eyes, farted so hard her tail looked like a party favor, stomped inside and ate the dog food.


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