Bad News for Boehner

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ATRS—We learned yesterday that a poll of Republican voters done by Pat Caddell’s organization had some bad news for Boehner.

A whopping sixty percent of Republican voters want a new Speaker of the House selected for the incoming Congress.

Sixty Percent.

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  1. If they don’t get rid of Boehner, he is going to do everything in his power to get rid of them.

    What did a famous commie once say? There’s no being neutral on a moving train? Get rid of him or he is going to use the RNC to primary every Tea Partier starting with Mike Lee.

  2. Unfortunately, the voters don’t get a vote in this race. His peers will have to decide whether they want to take the safe route or stick their necks out. This could potentially be a turning point for the nation. I’m pretty much convinced that the status quo will hasten our demise.

  3. We need a modern day Preston Sumner to give JB the old Taney treatment….that will give him something to cry about.

  4. How to explain that 40% want Boehner as 40% approve of the job Preezy’s done?
    Common core math rounding?

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