Bad News For College Football Fans – Fall Season May Be Canceled This Week


High-level conference meetings are being planned for this week across the college football landscape with the expected resolution of postponing fall sports until 2021, multiple sources have told Sports Illustrated.

“It’s gotten to a critical stage,” one conference commissioner told Sports Illustrated Sunday, after a conference call between the heads of the Power 5 conferences. “I think all of us will be meeting with our boards in the coming days. We have work to do that is no fun.” More

22 Comments on Bad News For College Football Fans – Fall Season May Be Canceled This Week

  1. Whenever they start, if the players and coaches kneel during the national anthem and they allow BLM crap on sidelines and endzones…. then I’m gone forever anyway.

  2. They were saying the exact opposite just a few days ago. This is all bullshit. The leftards are attempting a ‘fait accompli’ scenario here. If they project it, it will happen. Just like all those bullshit polls when hillary was projected to win in a landslide. They might pull it off, and i really couldn’t care less. If college football players want to make blm demands of their universities, then screw college football.

  3. Watch closely. I thought it was physically impossible.
    But the left is disappearing up their own assholes.
    NBA? Gone
    MLB? Gone
    NFL? Gone.
    NCAA? Gone
    Motion Pictures? Gone
    NASCAR on the Bubba Bubble. Teetering.

  4. Look at the history of the world. Totalitarian regimes will kill anything and everything necessary to attain and maintain power. Sports is just one such collateral damage in the left’s quest for power.

  5. I have been a fan of the college football game. It has been much more entertaining and fun to watch over the last few years. However, with everything that has driven me away from sports, I will not miss them.
    No, I am going on a motorcycle ride. See you later.

  6. All it would take for all this to stop and COVID to suddenly be deemed not a serious threat, is for all Trump supporters to stop showing our support and lie to the pollsters.

  7. Also

    I am not a fan of women’s athletics.
    But the left has destroyed that too.

    Like they destroy everything.

    Unless you have a cervix, you aren’t a woman. Period.
    Respect science.

  8. If BFH lets me post the pics from the ride over Trail Ridge Road, I will. Otherwise, just use your imagination and suffer not being able to see what I will see 😛

  9. Sorry, but all the spoiled, privileged negroes spewing BLM white hating bullshit when their wealth largely comes from white fans has made me a permanent enemy of the NFL, the NBA, and their NCAA feeder systems. Fuck all these stupid, ungrateful assholes.

  10. Used to walk to University of Washington Husky football games, kicking leaves, enjoying the fall colors and crisp air. But Seattle was great for that back then and college football was just fun… great band… wonderful city and her people…

    We can only remember the good times… and try to build a few more before we go.

  11. Yu know, I’m over dodging weekend overtime because we have $1,100 tickets, $800 reservations, and $600 travel expenses to watch mostly blacks perform at a level none of us will ever achieve. And we’re being called racists?

  12. On@Diogenes – Yeah Coach O did a great job replacing the feckless Les Miles and taking his team to a natl championship victory.

    BUT the man’s politics are fucked up. He endorsed that jackass of a governor, Governor Ackbar, for reelection. The man is a damn squid 🐙 and his slimy corrupt tentacles are everywhere.


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