Bahrain, Belgium report coronavirus treatment touted by Trump is working for patients

Just The News: Bahrain and Belgium report their hospitals are successfully treating coronavirus patients with the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine touted by President Trump as a possible breakthrough in the pandemic.

The Kingdom of Bahrain’s Supreme Council of Health chairman said his country was among the first to use the drug and that its impact has been “profound,” according to the Bahrain News Agency.

Dr. Shaikh Mohamed, who leads the National Taskforce for Combating COVID-19, was also quoted by the news agency as saying hydroxychloroquine was administered according to the same regimens as those used in China and South Korea.  read more

7 Comments on Bahrain, Belgium report coronavirus treatment touted by Trump is working for patients

  1. Since the China virus is basically just a form of the flu -and common cold for that matter, although far more severe- I wonder if this treatment could aid in reducing the tens of thousands of fatalities we have from the various seasonal flu’s each year?

    Or even other viral respiratory diseases that take such a large toll on our elderly population each year?

  2. I agree, why not test the TrumpDrug on other virus ailment? That is called science, testing out ideas.

  3. And here we sit in Nevada, where Gov. Death Panel Sisolak has decided those drugs will not be available to us.

  4. Don’t worry, We can’t use it in Canada Either.

    It would interrupt Turdo’s attempt at full communism.

    The mainstream Media Today found out about Turdo donating 16 Tons of Medical PPE to China as local doctors are actually running out of masks.
    It has not gone over well at all with the average Canadian!

  5. Anonymous – The Flu has been eradicated. It’s not being reported anymore, and you didn’t see it on the Evening News, it didn’t happen!

  6. The biggest problem with the anti-malaria drug(s) is that they are cheap, out of Patent, available in large quantities.

    Too many people will not get a big cut of the pie.

    Each country has requirements for their own testing so that that countries bureaucrats can justify their indexed pensions, higher than thou salaries, & jobs for life.

    USA has their national automotive standards.
    California has their version which is redundant.
    And In Canada we have our own auto safety standards because apparently, the USA cannot be trusted.
    Personally, I think it is so that the Fucking French labels for Quebec can be a “make work project” Poutine holder instaed of a Cup holder.


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