Bailey Saves Andy

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  1. Interesting story. It may be just me, but I found it coincidental he considered jumping off a bridge with a dog named “Baily”. Must be a descendant of one of George’s pups.

  2. The love and devotion of a dog can strip away the conviction of worthlessness that is the basis for most suicides, as in this case and many others the love and loyalty of a pet supercedes self destruction and is especially effective for veterans and LEOs who must cope with the standards of both depression and survivors guilt..if you know a hurting vet or LEO get them with a service dog organization

  3. I believe that Angels walk among us disguised as dogs. Can you think of a better way for an Angel to disguise themselves but as a simple, humble, loving, carefree dog? All of my dogs that I have ever had have been good for me all my life. My next one will be a Collie named Kirby that I plan to get when he’s about 3 months old, my cat may not like him at first but after a while they’ll become best buds, hopefully. Lassie made me love Collies when I was a little kid and my Collie Buddy was the best dog and faithful friend my kids had growing up.

  4. Very touching video. The best line to me was “We all only live once, who am I to choose when his time’s up?”

  5. I have a varied interest in trains. A week or so ago, I stumbled upon a fella that rides the rails as a hobo, hopping freight cars all over the country. Interesting stuff, I did a little train hopping as a kid, it would be an adventure to actually go further than the next town.

    Watching this, I thought. Could I give up everything besides my dog tomorrow and still survive?

    Pretty sure I can, but not without my dog.

  6. Never been suicidal, never been hooked on drugs, but my ill-bred heeler named TEX saves my life every day in every way…

  7. What in the actual fuck did I just hear???… What veterinarian doses a small pup with valium so he doesn’t cry for his mom? Do they dose children when they’re cranky?

  8. Interesting that thinking of the dog pursuaded him not to jump off the bridge. I recall a story from 30 some years ago when some guy jumped off the New River Gorge bridge taking his dog with him. That this lost soul jumped ending his dog’s life too made it a worse tragedy.

    Speaking of the New River Gorge Bridge. Saturday Oct 20th is Bridge-day: .


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