Bald eagle takes out Michigan government drone

The device was mapping shoreline erosion when it was attacked in the air.
The $950 drone is obsolete and will be replaced with a newer model, the department said. more

14 Comments on Bald eagle takes out Michigan government drone

  1. The symbolism will be lost on the Snoop State, but it’s plain as the mask on your—well, somebody’s— face to the rest of us.

  2. I like the eagle’s attitude. I hope he survives encounters with the drones larger cousins. The 758 windmills in Michigan’s thumb.

  3. I build and fly electric airplanes and often have smaller birds investigate them. It appears playful as they have not attacked, but I’m pretty sure it is a territorial thing.

  4. Are Eagles trainable?

    I wonder if you could train your pet eagle to do that and keep yourself safe from drones?

  5. I would agree that a drone on the bottom of Lake Michigan is obsolete but we are cheered by the fact that there is plenty of tax money to buy a new one!

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