Bali: Family Caught Stealing Nearly Everything From Their Hotel Room


Plenty of hotel guests bring home an extra tiny bottle of shampoo or a shower cap that they got from their room, which is perfectly fine. What is not fine though is taking much more than that, which is just what one family tried to do after a stay at a hotel in Bali.

The housekeepers at Villa Royal Purnama noticed a lot of missing items from one room, whose occupants had just checked out. Security caught up with the family in the parking lot and began to go through their bags, finding piles of non-complimentary items like a hair dryer, wicker ornaments, soap dispensers, coat hangers, towels and more as an onlooker filmed the search. more

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  1. They were on a well-deserved vacation from their call center jobs where the tell Americans that they have a refund waiting for them from Microsoft and that the offer is about to expire.

  2. Wheeeew! Thought for sure this was going to be another horribly embarrassing story about people from Cacafornia who immigrated to Oregon.

  3. Why do they even want that crap enough to steal it? For instance, a couple of hangers…seriously? And towels? From a hotel? What could be more disgusting?

  4. I’m still using the towels I boosted from a 5-star hotel in Indonesia back in 1999. They are great towels designed to be washed hundreds of times.

    And hangers? I used to grab one from ever hotel I stayed in. I use them in the entrance closet where my guests hang their coats. I also used to take a hanger from one hotel, and swap it for one in a different hotel just to befuddle the staff.

  5. I know that voice. He called me last week to tell me my computer had a virus. Nice guy, really. I first met him on a call a couple of years ago when he was working for the IRS. Turns out I owed $15,000 in unpaid taxes and penalties. He let me off by wiring him only $2,000. Swell fellow! I’m sure this a misunderstanding.

  6. Damn!
    And here I am, feeling guilty for walking off with one of their key cards….
    They were probably stocking up on Indian dowry items…

  7. @Mansfield Lovell

    That’s because even in their larcenous hearts they know that those two items are over loaded with extra curricular critters!

  8. Good thing they did’t do that stealin’
    in a Muzz controlled country…..
    Be a one hand call center computer pecker.

  9. So sad. Those kids — the daughter, especially — looked like they wanted to pretend they were with other parents. Who knows why people do this sort of thing. They don’t need the stuff; obviously wealthy enough to take a nice vacation. Probably wanted to decorate their home and show off their trip abroad to their “keeping up with the Jones’s” friends. Why budget for souvenirs when you can steal hotel mementos?

    (Very surprised they didn’t haul off all the bedding, draperies, and the microwave.)

  10. The hotel we stay in when we go to visit the grand babies has a list of the prices of everything in the room, up to and including the TV. They are more than happy to sell you anything you want.

    It probably helps establish a charge of grand theft if you take too much.


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