Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake will not seek re-election

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake 2

FOX Baltimore- “We all know that this is a very critical time in our city,” Rawlings-Blake said at a Friday morning press conference. “Many important decisions lie ahead, both in recovering from April’s unrest and managing our city through the multiple trials that are coming up. Over the past few months as I’ve been making plans for what I know is a vigorous campaign I realize that every moment that I spent planning for a campaign or re-election was time that I was taking away from my current responsibilities to the city. To the city that I love and the city that I took an oath to serve, and because of that I’ve made the decision to not seek re-election.”


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  1. This is different than the one over in the Bull Pen. In that article she said she wasn’t running so she could concentrate on “preparing” the city for the trial of the six cops!

  2. I’m sure it wasn’t her decision. They same people that put her into office told her that she won’t be running for re-election. Not to worry, they’ll take care of her with some sort of no-show job paying a bucket of cash. Sort of like Michelle’s job at that hospital group in Chicago. The same job that was never filled after she left for Washington.

  3. Yes That settlement is suspect. Before there is even a trial. 6.5 Million.? Sheutt ! where the fuck dat money goin’? It’s going to be a circus.
    Lawyers 2,145 Million

    Grey Family.: Including fathers, Mother, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, Grandmas, Grandpas.
    65 in all will get $5000.00 a piece.( Happy as pigs in shit. Good old Freddy. Freddy was A OK man.).

    That leaves about 2 million for City Hall?

    Unless, of course the Grey Family start hiring lawyers of their own, which will mean more for the lawyers..

    It’s going to be a circus. But we will probably never see it.

  4. A good reporter would follow that money, I smell a Pulitzer.
    Yeah yeah, I know, good reporter is an oxymoron now.


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