Bannon Calls Out George W. Bush: ‘Brahmin Yankee from Yale,’ ‘Pretending He’s a Texan’

Big Government: Former President George W. Bush is a “brahmin Yankee from Yale” who is “pretending he’s a Texan,” Breitbart News Executive Chairman and former White House Chief Strategist Stephen K. Bannon told the American families of illegal alien crime victims.

During a speech at the Remembrance Project conference, an organization that represents the illegal alien crime victims’ families, Bannon blasted the Bush dynasty, calling out President George W. Bush specifically on his lack of leadership on the issue of illegal and legal immigration.

“You want to know why I detest the elites of the Republican Party,” Bannon said. “Where were they? Where is Jeb Bush? Where were all these guys? Bush… Bush… Old man Bush – and the son today got a book out, you know. ‘The demise of the Republican Party, this Republican Party is falling apart. Donald Trump’s destroyed the Republican Party.’ You know why? Because finally folks like you have a say-so.”

On George W. Bush, Bannon said:

While’s he’s up in Kennebunkport or wherever they are. You know the other guy down there pretending he’s a Texan. You can’t take a brahmin Yankee from Yale and take him down to Texas to make a cowboy out of him. I don’t care how long you wear the boots, brother. You’re a Yankee brahmin, okay.

Bannon also slammed the employers of illegal aliens, the mainstream media, and the Democratic Party for not only turning a blind eye to illegal immigration but incentivizing more of it.

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25 Comments on Bannon Calls Out George W. Bush: ‘Brahmin Yankee from Yale,’ ‘Pretending He’s a Texan’

  1. We are done with dynasties, at least on the right. No more inevitability for sons of Presidents, sons of admirals, wives of Presidents, children of Presidents. You’d better be ready to run on your accomplishments, not your pedigree.

  2. Bush didn’t say a damn thing while Barry tried to destroy this country. Now he wants to chime in when Trump is trying to clean up the mess that Obama (and Bush) created. What a DICK.

  3. He was infinitely more better than Al Gore and John Kerry, regardless of being a squishy globaloney-ist maggot soft-shell-socialist.

    More of a Kerensky socialist than Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, or Mussolini.

    Sometimes you have to hold your nose when you vote – the lesser stinky of two turds.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. “Donald Trump’s destroyed the Republican Party.’ You know why? Because finally folks like you have a say-so.”

    nail head meet hammer !

    it’s not about hate for trump it’s all about having to keep campaign promises to the great unwashed.
    it’s about who’s really in charge.

  5. George Wussy Bush assumed he would enter the fray then escape because no one would dare to take on someone in his exalted position. Wrong assumption! Enter Steve Bannon, run up the white flag George you’re done!

  6. BWB has done a very poor job of pretending for over 20 years. I was not fooled in’00 and voted AGAINST JFK in ’04! He has always been a progressive liar.

  7. “Hey Bannon. Explain Virginia”

    That’s pretty easy. Trump voters stayed home. We’ve seem some evidence of that here at IOTW.

  8. GWB is losing the support he had while President and then while in retirement. As long as he stayed out of the fray (as ex-Presidents tradionally do) his supporters would tend to continue to support him, I know I did. But as he got back in with several speeches that that stripped away the conservative and began to show his actual colors as a squish as well as an elitist like his father most of my respect has ben stripped away as well. While he was in the right place at the right time on 9/11 and did what needed to be done in the Afghan the rest of his time spent in office could be described as a poor performance at best. Bannon needs to continue to clean out the barn and bring the GOP back to it’s roots which aren’t the trendy cocktail Parties in DC and NYC.

  9. @ Geeknerd:

    VA has been a (d) state for years. They elected MacAuliffe after all – another corrupt sociopathic clintonite. It is dominated by a high density of federal government employees. It bears NO resemblance to the political environment that educated many of the best of our Founding Fathers.

  10. TO reall enraged
    I think VA is still “purple,” it’s just that the Dems there are EXTREMELY active in voter fraud. And see Bad Brad’s comment about “Trump voters” staying home due to gillespie’s tepid efforts.

  11. Czar

    We had a resident of that state that posted here she had the Independent Candidates signs in here yard. As I remember she’s a huge Trump fan. Doesn’t sound to me like these RINO candidates are getting the picture yet. The old Republican party might as well be on a slab with a toe tag on it. Run on that old bull shit, you lose.

  12. W is a drug store cowboy with land. The photo props on his ‘ranch’ always made me laugh.
    People ate it up though, look at him working.

    Screw his compassionate conservatism too, all I got during 8 years of compassionate conservatism followed by 8 years of hope and change was struggling to keep my head above water. It’s easy for some to forget the piss poor economy and choking regulations didn’t just start under Obama.
    Those of us out here in the real world haven’t forgotten though.


    Jenna & Barbara? The two liberal New York SKANKS who trash Republican principles every chance they get?


    Where are these people? In fact, where have they ever been? I don’t recall any position pieces and speeches moving the ball forward at all.

    Sheesh! Lead your party or Shut the _____ up!


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