Barack Obama Can Still Be Impeached


If Barack Obama ordered political spying of Candidate Trump he must be impeached, and barred from holding any future federal office or serving in any future Administration

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  1. Since Obama is now a private US citizen again, he can also be indicted by a Grand Jury. Then go to jail. I like that better than impeachment.

  2. MJA

    I am very old. As a child I lived in Boston. The Mayor, Mafiaso, was in jail. Ran and got reelected! Decades ago. But I think in Ill J. Jackson’s son also got re-elected while in Jail; this century. And a century ago the biggest political machine in NY,NY was a gang called Tammnany Hall. They had many felons elected. I think then they could not LEGALLY vote. I did not say they did not vote; just not legally.

    I am not a movie guy; but I think a movie mas made in the last 30 years glorifying the gangsters at Tammany hall. As were Bonnie + Clyde about 50 years ago. Hollywood and Dems loves murderers and thieves.

  3. @G. May 21, 2018 at 12:49 pm

    > …but we can still have our first ‘forever’ lady?

    and she can still be declared The Democrats’ candidate for President of The United States?

  4. @an ol exJarhead May 21, 2018 at 4:10 pm

    > Hollywood and Dems loves murderers and thieves.

    They take quite the shine to tramps and gypsies, too.

  5. What would Putin do? What would Xi do?

    Arrests and total asset confiscation followed by release of full confessions so damning even their former paid underlings and PR hacks must scramble to disavow and disassociate themselves from the impending Mass Purge.

    Then, Mass Purge. Ban every Leftist organization. Confiscate assets. Ban all anti-Americanism in academia. Call it Anti-Corruption. RICO them all.
    70% of the country will cheer the saving of the nation.

    Half the low-info Left will disperse. The rest can be encouraged to emigrate.

  6. That last Anon was me. The software keeps auto-deleting my identity.

    MAGA, baby.

    PS— Yale U must be so proud now to host Hilary and her Soviet era Army officers fur hat. With USSR insignia. You can’t make this up.

  7. Your concern is his again attaining public office?!!!!
    If guilty, how ’bout we just execute the MFer!

  8. The next Dem President is going to name the turd to the Supreme Court, so blocking that now would be great.

  9. Impeachment is not enough punishment for scum like Obama. Only lifetime incarceration can stall his corrupt antics and power grab. Except maybe in prison.

  10. I guess it is time to stop putting links in the comments, because no one reads them.
    The link that I posted shows that the White House was involved, and they had people meeting with the FBI to frame Trump.
    Like Moe I give up, Snark is fun, information is key. Barry knew.


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