Barack Obama Signals That Democrats Intend to Cheat in the Virginia Governor’s Election

Becker News-

Barack Obama has signaled not-so-subtly that the Democrats fully intend to cheat in the Virginia governor’s election. In front of a modest crowd at a ticketed event at Virginia Commonwealth University, the former president endorsed gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe and emphasized repeatedly that voters can cast their ballots for him in the mail or at drop boxes.

“Before we start anything else, I want to remind you and everybody who’s watching, you don’t have to wait until November 2nd to cast your ballot,” he said. “You can vote early, right now. Either by mail or in person.”

“Don’ be lollygalling [sic],” he said. “Don’t be, don’t be sitting on the couch saying, ‘I’ll get to it later.’ You can vote early right now. If you get a ballot at home, you can return it by mail. Or you can hand it in at your local registrar’s office. Or you  can take it to a drop-off location today. Don’t leave it on your desk.”

“Millions of Virginians voted early next year,” he added. “Let’s do it again this year.”

Terry McAuliffe, ex-DNC Chair and former Virginia Governor, is running neck-in-neck with Glenn Youngkin, a political newcomer, after once coasting at a comfortable lead. The latest Monmouth polling on the race show both are drawing about 46 percent, indicating that there are few undecideds. However, independents are late-breaking types and the longer McAuliffe and Youngkin are in a political heat, the higher the likelihood that independents may tilt for Youngkin.

Ahead of the speaking event, turnout at Virginia Commonwealth University appeared to be modest. It wasn’t Joe Biden-level paltry, but it was underwhelming nonetheless. The speakers at the event included Governor Ralph Northam, former presidential candidate Tim Kaine, Terry McAuliffe and Barack Obama himself. more

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  1. You know they’ve got their cheat on. The question is whether or not the GOP in Virginia will have their head out of the sand and do something about it.

  2. Nothing has changed, no one has be charged and jailed, so what’s to them changing their standard election

  3. @DavidW:
    If their heads were only in sand. I think their heads are in someplace that’s a bit more…aromatic.

  4. I born and raised in Virginia. Every election cycle I vote Republican every election cycle same srory. The race is neck and neck and the democrats always pull it out.

  5. The punk will win. Period. Nothing has been done to reform our elections and this is a state election anyway in a state controlled by dems.

    As far as federal elections, nothing will be done as long as we have “representatives” in love with their cushy lifestyle. And sadly, that’s by far and away, most of them. Republicans can go back to being the Washington Generals.

    Anyone extolling these scum is fucking insane. Jim Jordan & Tom Cotton are epitomes. Both from a safe district or state so they can tell us to “move on” or ask CEOs nasty questions and not sweat their seats.

    We’re facing huge problems and MTG and Rand Paul are a couple of the few raising hell daily. I can’t see the house flipping but even if it does, Kevin McCarthy??? as Speaker. Just exactly what GD good will that do?

    I’ve been an optimist all my life nut I’m as cynical as they come lately.

  6. “If you’re still cashing your dead mom’s SSI check each month, then you should be voting on her mail in ballot every election too.”

    – Any Black Democrat

  7. Barry can’t help himself. He says the quiet part out loud.
    He told the world he’s Joe’s puppet master.
    This should be no surprise.
    He wants everyone to know how clever he is.

  8. Obama is a paid CCP operative which in itself is very funny since the ChiComs are long-known as haters of blacks even if they’re half-black.

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