Barack Obama Tries to Steal Credit for Booming Trump Economy on Presidents Day

Breitbart: Former President Barack Obama on Monday suggested he was responsible for the booming economy under President Donald Trump.

“Eleven years ago today, near the bottom of the worst recession in generations, I signed the Recovery Act, paving the way for more than a decade of economic growth and the longest streak of job creation in American history,” Obama wrote on Twitter, sharing a picture of his $787 billion stimulus spending package.

Obama’s message on Twitter was not just a nostalgic look back on his presidency, as he specified that his spending package was responsible for “more than a decade” of growth, despite his only being president for eight years. more

16 Comments on Barack Obama Tries to Steal Credit for Booming Trump Economy on Presidents Day

  1. Fxcking little halfrican spent his entire 8years in office blaming that retard GW for his failures and now wants to claim DJT’s brilliant “Magic Wand” for his own. The man has no honor. And that probably doesn’t bother him one bit.

  2. Faggot.

    I don’t have anything else to say.

    Except that O’bola is a fucking faggot, marxist, commie faggot.

    Should be fucking hanged.

  3. “Eleven years ago today……… He started selling off America to the highest bidder with Hillary for guidance.

  4. Here for 30+ years I always thought of Hilary as the First Cunt,,
    It’s taken the ignorant “White Guilt” that’s been grandfathered and proved.

  5. The Great American Reinvestment act that only produced a bunch of road signs and filled in some potholes? Maybe Obama was proud of how that money was used to fill the pockets of Union bosses who promptly sent a chunk of that back to Democrat politicians running for office.

  6. FUNemployment was a term never heard of before that was invented to put a positive spin on Obama’s failed job policies. How does the One explain that little factoid?

  7. Jobs created OR SAVED. He took credit for everyone who didn’t lose their job under his administration. And then changed the unemployment data metric and all monthly numbers after lying to get a headline. Oops, weather was cold so jobs fell. Weather was hot so jobs fell. Part time Christmas mall Santas boosted figures. Not counting people who couldn’t find work as having “given up” to take them out of the data pool. Funemployment.

    I’d say he’s like the rooster taking credit for the dawn if I wasn’t so sure he was more likely to suck the cock than be one.

  8. A famous last quote from the Commie Kenyan.
    “Those jobs aren’t coming back. What’s he gonna do,
    wave a magic wand?”
    And never forget:”If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.”

  9. His accomplishments are as over inflated as his ego.
    He only proved that the {semi} free economy was resilient enough to withstand the nearly indescibable incompetence of his administration.

  10. History will eventually reveal that this foreigner was ineligible to be President. His entire life is a charade; the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on America.

  11. funny obama and big mike aren’t ever seen together since he left office

    where are the rent a kids too?
    how come we don’t ever see hillary standing and walking?
    where is huma hiding?


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