Barack Obsesses Over Michelle’s Ghost Writer

While Barack Obama struggles to complete his 3rd autobiography, anonymous sources say that the former president often complains to confidants he’s writing this book himself, while Michelle used a ghostwriter.”

The yet to be titled book on Obama’s favorite subject has been pushed back to “2020 or even 2021,” despite the $65 million received by the former first couple for both their memoirs. More


22 Comments on Barack Obsesses Over Michelle’s Ghost Writer

  1. Gee, a third ‘autobiography’ from an impostor turdflake.
    Yet another reason for me to slap the half-black off his face.

    Oooh does this one start from another fake birth and continue through affirmative action accomplishments leading to prizes with no merit???

    I’m paralyzed in anticipation!!

  2. “Becoming, was the biggest release of 2018 and is on track to be the best-selling memoir in history.””

    I commented on this a few months ago. It is just astounding to me that this nondescript wholly ordinary non achiever has anything at all to say even remotely worthy of $15 cover price. Michelle has done nothing in her life, except maybe marrying an effeminate, that could be described as laudatory.

    At least Hillary has some accomplishments in her life that she could talk about. Michelle’s singular claim to fame is that she has a bigger dick than her husband.

  3. Wasn’t this clown an editor for a newspaper? Wasn’t he the smartest man on the planet? Didn’t he have degrees from prestigious universities? Didn’t he have straight A grades? Wasn’t he a well spoken black man?
    Wasn’t he going to stop the oceans from rising? And he can’t write a fictitious childrens’ book?

  4. He promised the publisher he’d to get it right the third time, but who wants to read a book about failure?

  5. Two questions…

    Who would BUY this?

    Who would read it?

    Is one of the legs on some piece of furniture to short?

    Sorry, three questions

  6. His book so far:
    All work and no play makes Barry a dull boy
    All work and no play makes Barry a dull boy
    All work and no play makes Barry a dull boy
    All work and no play makes Barry a dull boy

  7. dont bs us, he has a ghost writer.

    working title.

    The Most Handsome, Brilliant and Respected Man In the Universe Loved and Adored by All.

  8. Po widdle puty tat…you know you will never finish your book because you are a lazy, selfabsorbed bastard. All your other works of fiction were written for you, and Big Mike is still better endowed than you you insufferable mulatto.

  9. “…sources say that the former president often complains to confidants “he’s writing this book himself…”

    Soooo… how many crayons has he burned through SO far? 🙄

  10. Of course he is struggling. Being our first affirmative-action president, he never had to work for anything in his life. From a self-proclaimed slacker/doper in high school, to Ivy-League universities, to his short stints in state and U.S.. Senate, he never actually did anything himself. By the way, where are his transcripts?

  11. If Ayers isn’t available Obama’s next book is going to end up being a pop-up of very few pages. It will still sell millions of copies though. If you use the term “sell” very loosely.


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