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Barbara Anderson Could See Lawmakers In Your Pockets Years Ago

Howie Carr: Barbara Anderson has been dead these six long years, but now she’s done the taxpayers of Massachusetts one huge final favor – blowing up a multi-billion-dollar flim-flam by the hackerama on Beacon Hill.

Her 1986 referendum-created law could mean that as much as $3 billion in tax revenues above “allowable” levels will be returned to the working classes it was shamelessly stolen from.

From beyond the grave, Barbara has stopped one of the biggest heists in the heist-ridden history of Bay State government.

This obscure provision in the law – 62F, as it’s already known in hack shorthand — has thrown multiple monkey wrenches into countless scams, schemes and grifts of the professional non-working classes of Massachusetts.

Thank you, Barbara, and thanks also to your group, Citizens for Limited Taxation.

You must never forget just how greedy these Democrat hacks are. They have the same philosophy as the Mob:

What’s theirs is theirs and what’s yours is theirs.

This is why the hacks have absolutely no qualms about beggaring you with their insane tax increases and the inflation they create, but they squeal like stuck pigs if you dare ask for some of your own money back.

The Democrats tell you, with a straight face, that they can’t “afford” to give you back a dime from the dollar they stole.

Remember a few months back the calls for a temporary suspension of the 23-cent-a-gallon state gas tax after Brandon’s crushing fuel price hikes?

The Democrats claimed any gas-tax holiday would destroy the state’s bond rating – a total lie. So they pivoted to, well, you can’t trust the oil companies to keep their promises to reduce prices at the pump. more here

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  1. That and alot more is the reason I’m gone at the end of September. Adios you thieves.

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